Pentax DSLR Cameras


If you are planning to buy a new DSLR Camera, you might have already checked out the information on Canon T5i Rebel, or canon 70d review [2016/2017] as well as the Nikon DSLR Camera Reviews. And of course these are one of the top brands of DSLR cameras available today. But another DSLR Camera which we must go through is the well known Pentax Camera.

So, let’s first find out some information on this camera company first.

History of Pentax Cameras

The Pentax Cameras were made by Pentax Ricoh Imaging Corp which was earlier a joint venture of Pentax Corporation and Asahi Optical Co. Ltd. During the Korean War, many photographers went towards the Far East and the Korean saw good quality lenses of Nikon and Canon. They were impressed by these lenses and thought of using them in their Leica and Contax cameras and hence began the manufacturing of the first Asahi Optical Camera. Their first camera was Asahiflex I which was a 35 mm camera and had no competition at all.

This company grew multi-folds and today it manufactures many cameras. It is also manufacturing some good DSLR cameras as well as full frame ones.

Some Of The Well Know Pentax Cameras

Here are some of the well known Pentax Cameras that you can choose from. Pentax 645Z

If you are considering moving from a full frame to Pentax, this could be a good camera for you. With its 51.4 mega pixel and Pro SLR with Non-Zoom features, this camera can give you fantastic resolution. Priced a bit high at $6756.39, the Pentax 645Z offers better features than the 645D which was released in 2010. Its features are not only rare for a medium format camera but also you will know that it has a very interesting wide sensitivity range. It has an amazing 27 point phase autofocus which is definitely the best amongst its competition. It is also a great camera when you are on the move as it is pretty swift. Pentax K-1

Priced as low as $1849.95, this DSLR offers a 36.4 megapixel with a Pro SLR and a Non-Zoom option. It definitely has a great design and images are of high quality. A very strong and weather proof body, it could be a good buy if you are in the market looking for a full frame. This could also be one of the affordable ones than the others.

Pentax K-3

This is one of the Ricoh’s well known APS-C cameras. With its 24-megapixel this DSLR, it has an amazing technology. Also priced low at $739.00, it is definitely something you can give a try if you are a young enthusiast.

It has an autofocus, overhauled imaging and metering. It also gives you the option of choosing which of the two are good for your pictures, whether it be for its resolution or its moire-resistance. Even though these are some of its best features, it cannot really compete that well with the regular Canon or the Nikon DSLRS. Pentax K-3 II With its 24.4 megapixel, this camera also has a Pro SLR and a Non-Zoom feature. If you wish to take night shots you will find its GPS quite helpful. The pictures you will shoot will be of crystal clear quality as its Pixel Shift Resolution provides very sharp images. Priced at $808, this could be also a good option. However, do compare it with the original K-3 before deciding.