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March 19, 2013


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Although a dog might bring lots of work and changes in your life at first you now have a friend (what do I say? a family member), that will never let you down. You will see that your feelings towards each other will keep in growing and one day you may wonder what life was like before his arrival and how you could have done without him? :D So smile on, things can only get better! and.. Welcome Disco!

Adorable! Having a puppy is so much work! Glad your transition is going well.

OMG he's adorable!!! But honestly with 6 kids and a man that is like another child, I could never deal with a dog. More power to you!

Best dog name ever.

Our dog, an effeminate cocker spaniel, follows me. Everywhere. His need to shadow me intensifies when I am stressed out. Click, click. click. I was at the end of my rope the other day, "Damnit Beso, why do you follow me everywhere all the time?"

My four year old, "I think it's because he loves you."

Sigh. More oppressive love, there are worse things.


I remember how I really didn't want a dog...then the "perfect dog" came along and I got swept up in the idea of the "perfect dog". It was the best thing we could have done! My girls were 1 and 3 and let me tell you, it was SOOOO easy to just add another "little one" into the mix :) We were already learning how to be consistent! The best thing about a dog? It only takes a year and they're pretty much over the whole puppy phase :) Sooooo much faster than kids!

We have had two German shepherds and two kids. They are the most gentle loving dogs and they love and protect the kids. Your puppy will do the same. Dogs are not our whole life, but they sure make our life whole.

Congratulations! Disco is extrasupercute and I hear that border collies are crazy smart. I have a pug that I just adore- I really can't imagine life without a dog again. I don't know if I would ever want to do the puppy stage again, but dogs- for sure, YES! Congrats again

I love, love, love, love my dog, and everyone on the planet knows I was the one who wanted a dog most of all. John loves her too, but she is definitely my responsibility to walk 3 x/day, to clean her ears/brush her teeth/wash the rug when she "scoots" (ugh). She is like having a new child, except this one can be left alone in the house for a few hours at a time. I just hope you are really, really ready to be the one who has to deal with all of this, esp. when your husband is traveling and the kids get bored with her (they will.) Dogs are the greatest pets ever (and I have loved owning cats and birds too, though fish can suck it), but our Star is definitely needier than the kids at times. In fact, right now, she is staring at me with her, "Can we please go for a walk?" look while the kids watch TV and ignore me. Ha. And for some reason, she thinks she is a lap dog, especially when I'm working on the couch.

I can't believe it. I love the name but I can't believe it. I'm with Liz. I know how great dogs are for kids but I'm the one who is always cleaning up the pee, has to pay for all new carpets because she pees when mad at us on the stairs and in the den RIGHT NEXT TO THE DOG DOOR (oh, am I shouting?!) and has spent entire paychecks on her for toe cancer and copper head bites.

And they are still asking for more dogs, saying I need to die so they can get a cat (I'm allergic) and for hamsters. Dumb nocturnal hamsters.

I want to say congrats! Cute! Awesome!

But I'm also kind of thinking...WTF?

I think it's time for mommy to bring home oh, a new custom wardrobe for all her new designer shoes. He'll learn to live with it. Maybe after some rocking back and forth.

Congratulations on the addition to your family. He discussed it with you before getting the dog and bringing it home. So, double congrats....communication, AND a warm lovey.

My husband is The Dog Whisperer. I'm allergic to animal dander. Breathing comfortably trumps animal lovies.

Dogs rule!

Border Collies rock! Have fun, the love will knock you out.

As someone who's always had a dog all I can say is that your life will be so much richer in so many ways...and great that your other half and children can all share in bonding with such a fine looking puppy! Great news!

Yes! And TONS AND TONS AND TONS of research. Thanks everyone!

My husband grew up with rough collies, which are also herding dogs. They loved trying to herd the kids by chigger biting and nipping at heels. At most, they had four herding dogs in the home... with three kids. I wouldn't worry about Adam's comment, dogs are dogs, they're all different, you just have to learn how to work with their differences! Cute dog!

First of all, super cute! Second, Border Collie? Third, if he is a BC, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, tell me you did your research about the breed before getting him.

I laughed out loud when I read about the bullet points...something my fiance would totally do.

We got a puppy (his wanting, not mine.) when my daughter was about 9 months old, and now at 16 months she is so in love with him that I can't even be mad about it anymore!

Hi Disco, you're cute! Welcome.


Welcome to the Internet Disco. Abbott just learned how to give high fives. He's sending one your way.

I had to petition for hamsters.

I am horrified. That is all.

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