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February 20, 2013


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Thanks for the reminder. Legos and monster tag will be on the agenda tonight.

It seems to come back at ya too, when the kids are older. Or at least it has, for me, so far. The fact that my kids at 18 and 21 take time for me, I like to believe is a direct result of me doing the same.

Last night I told my son I would watch a movie with him another night and he said "that means in two years". Broke my heart. It's not like I work crazy hours or have activities that take me away from home often. I am pretty much always there, just doing a million other things besides spending some one on one time. We will watch that movie tonight!

And I can tell you from the mom perspective, your presence was everything you describe and more--the cool, fun, attentive aunt who my kids were begging to go home with at the end of the weekend. It was like the days of yore, with extended families on the block and the proverbial village helping raise each other's children, and I'll never forget its beauty and perfection.

Also, the crazy throw the ball on the chair game (while I duck and pray for the safety of the glass vessels on the bookshelf).

But don't sell yourself short; you jumped right in there and ordered sushi too.

You know what? My son was recently diagnosed with autism, and it feels like suddenly, I have given myself permission to sit and PLAY with him, knowing every minute I do counts.
Why can't just being a mommy be enough reason to drop everything else?

If nothing else, I'm thankful for the gift his dx has given us to spend more time together.

I took my own kids to the park yesterday and we played Lava Monster.

Best day ever.

Happy to help, Cara. Thanks Amanda.
and xoxox to all of you.

Yes. This is exactly what I need to read. Thank you.

I love this.
Thanks for the gentle reminder.

I looove reading your posts. They are so eerily in tune with my thoughts and worries and hopes/wishes/goals, but they help push me to set the latter in motion. I can't forget the astonishment and something-else-unidentifiable look on my neighbor's face, after I brought over my 2-year old (who looves playing with all the fun toys she has for both her 9-month-old baby girl and 3.5 yr-old son) and somehow corralled her son into "fishing" for salmon and trout and tuna in their plastic wading pool, using dead Xmas tree limbs for both our poles and the fish (verrry tricky fish to catch). Something about my neighbor's look + our ensuing convo told me she would have never thought of this "game," but I can assure you, I don't think this game would have occurred to me with my own daughter at our house, either. It is absolutely looking around at the piles everywhere in my home, and being so overwhelmed, and that feeling for me crowds out the "let's have fun and drink tea for 5 minutes and not 30 seconds." Which I'm feeling more intensely as my daughter (2 years!!) ages so quickly and this baby-on-the-way grows bigger and bigger. A-hem. But: action, I like it. Thanks :)

I just finished a rousing game of, "You be the mom and we'll be the babies coming out of your tummy." It didn't last super long, but it sated us all. I think the thing to keep in mind is that the novelty we have for friend's kids isn't necessarily sustainable with our own.

You've been a little hard on yourself lately, I guess all I am saying is that if you parent like I cook, little bit of this, little bit of that, I don't have that, shrug, guess I'll try this. Everyone will be just fine.

This made me smile, thinking of the past weekend with my own girls. Just the three of us, overnight an hour from home, with no electronics for them, and plenty of time and space to focus on each other.

Thanks for the reminder to focus when we're at home too.

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