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January 28, 2013


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This reminds me of Harry Potter and the boggarts that you get rid of (or make them lose their power) by imagining them as something that you can laugh at. The spell is "riddikulus" even.

I need to do this more, though. I don't see the amusing aspects of things that I worry about enough.

Butt shaking skirt wearers. I'm gonna have to borrow that. Thanks, lady!

This is so ingenious. While it doesn't fit with my own coping strategies (I'm just not as visually creative as you are), I can see it coming in handy with my middle one. I think it would resonate well with her.

My oldest is so much like me that I simply think of what I wish someone had said to/done for me at her age, and it's shocking how easily I can calm her (which in turn helps neutralize my own demons).

Who rather than what...that is pretty powerful. I find a lot of times that in order to deal with a what, I have to trace back to the who. Then I tell that who to fuck off.

Kinda don't know what the fuck I'm talking about but I do know this—99% of what you write feels like it was lifted from my never spoken out loud hurts and fears.


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