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January 14, 2013


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oh dear.
could be worse says the girl who was known by her stepfather's name of Butts for 12 years until she discovered that whoopsie, that was never her legal name in the first place...thank goodness!
Years later I agonized over names that could not be made fun of only to learn during their school years that kids can make fun of ANY name. Oh kids!
I love how you handled this.

My name is Valeta and every once in a while I still hear "Velveeta." Yes, I've been teased about my name by adults.

Ha @Julie and Titania. It was for a class historical presentation. In context, it actually worked but it still cracked me up.

Two things:
1. Try having TIT as the first 3 letters of your name.
2. Same question Julie asked below.

That's a kid? Wearing Tory Burch flats? Good gravy, why?

My current name (changed it after I go married) happens to be the same as an adult film star. In this day of Google, job hunting is especially fun. The question is always whether I should not say anything and hope they don't Google me, or should I preemptively warn them that someone out there shares my name (and has better page rank) but is not me.

My maiden name is Czech and started with "douche". Junior high was not fun.

My actual legal name is "Abbey" and strangely was tortured by classmates by being called Abigail. Abigail is a lovely name, but it was not MY name and I got all hot and bothered about it for many of those tween years. Even though it made no sense it hurt. Wish I could some how miraculously let my kids skip that, but know it is coming no matter what I named them.

My maiden last name got shortened into very peasant-old-woman name (as nickname) and school kids used it to tease me with it. I hated it. I rebelled against it (not responding). I fought against it (by doing snarky comments back). Nickname did not budge. Followed me into high school and university. But somewhere in university, I realised - there are 1000 of Marias, but only one with my nick name. And embraced it and I turned into cool-retro thing. And I wear it proudly, now.

My mom's maiden name is very very Norwegian. She said growing up people used to call her 'Beer Can'

So there ya go. She's not alone.

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