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December 13, 2012


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Octopus! Love the jewelry.

That ring is fantastic!!! I saw one just like it on Fab.com. Each time I see one but then I realize I would probably shove it in people's faces yelling, "Release the Kracken!" and I would no longer have any friends.

I want to be your date next year? Can I? Can I? It seems in that crowd that if Doug showed up with two it would be totally fine.

We could even bring the doll and make it a foursome.

Love the blow-up doll. I bought that same doll (along with some midgit porn) for a co-work years ago (seems like a lifetime ago) as a joke secret santa/white elephant gift. It was the hit of the party.

Love Quinlan's first text. Glad that you started that method of communication...it will serve you well! My daughter is now 17, and that is a prime method for communication between the two of us.
And, word to the wise from a FL resident....those aren't turkey legs, they're emu.
Great post!

How could he not like the midget blow up doll? She has 3 love openings of pleasure. WHAT MORE DOES HE WANT?

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