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November 21, 2012


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I always try to stay away from google when those bugs come around because it brings up way too much info. At least you don't have to travel! Flying this time of year is THE WORST.

Ugh, even with a hard-to-swallow silver lining, that blows. xo May your whole house feel better soon!

For different illness-related reasons, we had to cancel Thanksgiving (and my birthday) here in my house. Sucks. My favorite holiday. :(

Regarding your cafemom piece on love.... I think anyone with that question should read this book called Ready to Heal by Kelly McDaniel. It changed the direction of my marriage and my self.... so lucky it happened before kids.

Ha - We beat you by about two weeks with the bug, and everybody recovered nicely in time for Thanksgiving. Hope you're still feeling well today!

Puke. At least they sleep, though, yes?

I have this dream of someday running off with just the four of us for a major holiday like Thanksgiving or Christmas. Smiley fronts are tiring.

Hunker down with your movies and your kids, remember that you're escaping the can-shaped cranberry "sauce" and open some wine. And by "some" I mean at least three bottles.

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