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August 29, 2012


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My FOUR year old STILL calls his big brother Doshua. And throws garbage in the "crash can." And loves loves loves to watch "novies." And enjoys eating "candy cans" during Christmas season.

I can't bring myself to correct him. I hope someday he's a 25 year old eating candy cans at the novies with his brother Doshua and they put their garbage in the crash can.

Why must they grow?

I just discovered your blog today, and I'm totally inspired! You go, mama! I have two little fellows, and my youngest is Bridget's age. He also has acquired the smash all the words together phenomenon of speaking. It's adorably cute, but all of our friends and relatives can't understand him and think my husband and I are making up the things he says....ahhh, if not for a parent's discerning ear!

I painted this old cupboard white using Porters milk paint but decided it was rather boring all white so I painted the door recesses a rather nice chocolate (yes its Cadburys brown!)

My oldest, about to turn 3 next week, told me that her Lucy (my little sister) was sick and we needed to take her to the "hostiple". After a couple of months I started to correct her, but I still tell her that I like hostiple better.


Boy still says:

Spensive (Expensive)
DooDoo (VooDoo, as in, Portland OR donut shop VooDoo Donuts)

And still my favoite: hanitizer. For Hand Sanitizer.

UnMissLah is awesome!

One of my fave toddler speak words is "lasterday" though none of my kids ever said. LOVE that one.

That is so adorable and clever, I miss my kids at that age!

Love this so much! She's so precious! My favorite kid speak from my 3.5 year old is currently, "last day" which refers to anything that happened more than an hour ago and even lifetimes ago. As in, "last day, I was born, and I was your first baby" or "last day, we had chocolate for breakfast!" (this morning!).... Strangers have no idea what's she' talking about when she describes a movie for them (since movie's are still for rainy and sick days), "Last day, it rained, I was watching Totoro. There was a little one, a little bit bigger one, and a huuuuuuge one [that] kept falling asleep." People are like, Huh?? I dread the day she learns to use "yesterday" and "this morning"

You have an absolute genius here. It's that 4th child thing. I know this to be true because my 4th is an over-achieving, amazing genius too. It's either that or the fact I breastfed her longer than any other of my circus act...last baby I birthed and all that.
Bridget is absolutely ADORABLE!

I'm so sad to see our misprounouciations disappear one by one. At 2.5, she speaks so clearly and plainly that most adults understand her on the first try.

A few exceptions:
Can we go to the "yarden?" (Anyone's backyard with pots.)
Allumangies - Her Disney princess dolls are her angels (angeez). If you ask her how many she wants to take with her, she says all of them. "ALLUMANGIES"
The quilt she sleeps with is called "Mamamadeitforyou" (I want my mamamadeitforyou to sleep or it is too hot for mamamadeitforyou.)

I miss:

Lello (big bird)
adohcahdoh (avocado)
Mixing up of pronouns (Mama, I read this story to you - as she hands me the book and climbs in my lap)
UNmissluh (my first name - Melissa)

She kills me. I love Buit so much. That's adorable.

Neal - Killed me dead with cute.

Our daughter (now age 20) is special needs and has verbal skills that are somewhat compromised. That however, does not mean she doesn't understand every freaking thing we say!

She does everything in her power to communicate effectively with us, and will use sign language, "charades" or drag our sorry butts to what she wants and point it out to us. Truly, WE are the idiots in the family.

She has come up with some pretty comical words (which of course completely escape me now) but they have become part of our family vernacular. The other day she said something was bullshit (appropriately no less!) so we had to do some serious backpedaling on that one!

When she isn't driving us nuts, she is pretty freaking awesome!

I love it when a phrase or pronunciation takes root in your soul. So many things get forgotten, but those special ones, they keep.

My first always asked for lotion on her back at bedtime. She'd say, in her throaty little voice, "Little bit of tiny, mama?"

Little bit of tiny forever.

Rhanks or sharing! So cute!

My daughter (2.5) was trying to tell me yesterday what song she wanted me to sing to her. It sounded like:

1. Elmo
2. Emo
3. Arrow
5. Hello

But it was none of those things. Then she demonstrated.

"Daddy, yike dis: uh uh uh"

I never did get it. But later I learned that my wife has been singing that wordless tune of Ariel's as Ursula snatches her voice in The Little Mermaid. Ariel. That's what she was saying.

So CUTE. My daughter has some words like this too.. .at 15 months she has over 60 words and, being a first time parent, I have catalogued every one of them. lol!

My kid used to shorten / combine words too. My favorite toddlerism ever of his was "goki" -- which after a couple of weeks of utter confusion I eventually realized meant gato-kitty. (Why use one language to describe a thing as wondrous as a cat when you could use TWO?)

I once spent a long day with a frustrated toddler who wanted "meshamesee" - until I finally suggested that he show it to me. A walk to the CD shelf and he pointed to a Sesame Street CD. Poor kiddo!

Given how much swimming takes place around here, I just may adopt that word. Thanks Bridget!

My son is almost 2 also and combines words or shortens them as your daughter does with Buit. :) So cute, but a little frustrating when they're repeating the same thing over and over and you can't figure out what the heck they want.

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