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July 19, 2012


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With every passing year, I grow more and more baffled and confused simply by the fact that MTV still exists.

Seriously? SERIOUSLY? We live in a scary world.

We really are going to hell in a handbasket aren't we?

Hoping there's still some booze left when I get there.

I got this email and was just as stunned. It's like offering up K-Fed for interviews about being a positive role model for dads everywhere.

LOL. Scentsy. I'd so host a party through her if I could.

I'm most amused by her Scentsy page: "Though my story is exciting, it hasn't been written yet. Please come back soon!" Also, one of her favorite scents is French Kiss: "Sweet fig tenderly caressed by coconut pulp, exotic cedar and caramel."

Maybe she's an aspiring Mominatrix.

Snort. Only the How to Parent Yourself one would be helpful. To you know...some other kid of drugged out "rock" stars.

I think posing in Playboy is actually a greatly underrated source of income for young moms. Because we old moms sure as hell can't take that route.

I feel icky.

Ugh, I know Vicky. The exploitation is terrible -- and she probably has a PR person because she doesn't have any money left from doing the show and needs it (hence why she wants to do Playboy I imagine).

It's all a sad cluster.

Oh, I bet she'd have plenty of good advice if you're writing a blog post about "how to get knocked up when you're young and end up on an MTV reality show". I think you should totally hold out for mothering advice from Snooki. It shouldn't be long now!

For the record, I'd totally read an advice book from Frances Bean Cobain! That fact that she's (from all appearances) a half way normal human being is next to miraculous.

!! I got the same E-mail and just about spit my coffee all over the keyboard. Especially the bit about her being "stunningly gorgeous." Maybe some people think she is, but odd thing to write in a news release!

This really got your knickers in a bunch didn't it? I could feel your exasperation and general pissiness. I got this pitch too and just sighed and hit delete. Then I got annoyed that she has a PR person.

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