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June 10, 2012


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how is everything??
My parents live in a town near a huge plant and i worry about their health all the time... so many people from my home town die of cancer..
parents are the best thing we have, i hope everything is ok now!!

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I'm so glad you got to go up there.


been thinking of you and your mom, Kristen since I first heard she went into the hospital.
I love what you wrote here. Such a lovely tribute to the adult daughter/mother relationship. I'm secretly jealous that I have nothing like this or even more with my own but I so treasure the ones I have with my adult daughters...especially my 1st born. We always butted heads from the time she was a small human but suddenly when she became a mother we forged an amazing bond even if we differ on some things still. I read your post and I thought about what I have with Hollie now and I smiled. how lucky we all are...you, your mom, Hollie, me.
Looking forward to good news from you.
Take care.


I'm thinking very positive thoughts for you and your mom. Hope she is doing better soon.

Im glad you get to go and be with her, it will mean a lot to her...i can understand that now as a mom. Blessings from one heathen to another!

Oh god. Thinking of you K and sending love and peace and healthy energy to your mom! xo

My thoughts and prayers are with you both.

I'm praying too! I hope everinthing it's ok!

I googled "my husband is an idiot" and found your blog only to discover that your mom and my mom are both in the hospital with undetermined heart issues that all sound quite bad. I wish you and your mom well, I feel your pain.
Hold your mom's hand a little. xox

Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers. It is an "interesting" relationship we share with our mothers, is it not? *HUGS*

Thinking of you and your mom. So glad you can go up to see her!

I'll happily send a prayer or two up to the big guy for you!!

Big hugs, Kristen. I hope (and yes, pray) that everything is ok.

Big hugs for you and your family. I pray so I said a quick prayer. It's a beautiful thing. And a beautiful feeling.

Pulling for you and your mom.

Sending you warm wishes and a prayer or two, sweet girl.

We have very similar relationships with our moms. I hope they figure out what is happening and get her fixed up quickly. Love to you

Sending love and good wishes to you and your mom.

I'm so sorry, Kristen. I hope the procedure goes well. My MIL has heart failure, too, and while she is doing all right now, for a year or so she was in and out of the hospital and it was very hard on my husband and his brothers. I'll send my very non-religious good thoughts your way.

Your relationship with your mom sounds A LOT like mine with my mom. I'm glad you are going to be with her, I hope she is able to heal quickly and get home soon.

What a lovely post. Wonderful that you have each found a way to give the other freedom for their own beliefs. I hope her recovery is quick, and I am sure your visit will help.

I'm definitely praying for you and your mom! Please keep us posted!

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