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May 11, 2012


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They did such a great job with this interview here. So much that you can learn about someone like this.

I totally missed that last tweet! It's the best one too!

I'm glad you are getting what you need. When you talk about having only a few days out of the month being good I could so relate.

Am I the only one for whom the link to what your doctor said is not working? I hope the doctor is helping. I'm glad you found some help.

Awesome tweets, looking forward to becoming a six foot tall blond bombshell for bf'ing this next one!

So glad you took the plunge and made an appointment to get some answers. I too am curious as to what they said, hope it was something helpful!

Love the twitter posts. Silly sensationalism seeking magazine.

I'm doing mother's day alone too. Personally, I don't care. Actually, I'm just relieved I don't have to spend it trying to make my own mom happy, like I do every other year. So, I'm kinda looking forward to it.

How did I miss the American Apparel quote?

Although honestly, she is 27 and I think that's like 15 years too old for their maternity line.

You were on fire yesterday. Booyah.

hahahaha! You're right, while the featured tweet was awesome, I like these even better.

I think I was asking a little too much of her today. Apparently. Though I told the manager, best have your employees bitch about the customers so they can't hear.


DUDE, you were the #2 quote. Bitchin! I'm anxious to hear about what your doctor had to say. Oh and I didn't realize cutting a sammich took that much concentration.

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