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May 07, 2012


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I like the word that your friend came up with to describe it. You have a beautiful sunny smile to top it all.

I think that's happened to every woman at least one time. Until we get flat bodies, we'll have some interesting moments in clothing.

The other day I saw a female performer at an event. She took the time to make sure she was appropriately dressed in an outfit that complimented her coloring and was beautifully constructed. Being a modest person, the skirt was fairly long. However, when all of those stage lights hit her, they make the skirt almost transparent :-(


Happy Belated and V-Day....?!

Happy birthday (a little late.) Crotch & all.

Happy "29th" Birthday! ;)

I love that it's filed under random junk. Because I see your junk. Heh.

Happy virthday! I mean uh, birthday.

ha ha! happy birthday baby!

Happy Birthday! (And... yeah.)

hahaha - you know how to take a party theme to the limit Kristen. :) Shall I share my photos of you in the Versace shower now too? Happy 29th bday!

Kyle didn't understand why this was funny. Too distracted by your gorgeousness to even notice the wardrobe malfunction.

Happy birthday K! Your crotch looks phenomenal!

Ha! Happy bvd.

Happy V Day!

...and THIS is why you are my favorite.
Happy birthday and, um, v-day?


Well played.

Whoa! Have an amazing birthday.

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