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April 25, 2012


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Well said. Very, very well said. Thank you.

Yep, that about covers it! THANK YOU!!!

Wow...I just do not feel the same way...at all. I feel like all this ranting and raving about "my rights" has helped us to forget to be civil to each other. Wasn't that your point in your posting about the Mommy Wars (Breastfeeding vs. bottle etc.)? Instead it has moved so far from being about equality and a better life for everybody to "screw you, I want what I want and if you are against me than you are a racist."

Trayvon Martin is a PERFECT example...and not because he is "my son". Have you not watched the media hold back and edit information about the case to incite the masses into hysteria? Has anybody else noticed that the they specifically make sure to mention that Zimmerman is "white". Even though he is half Hispanic. It's just juicier to make it white against black. By that thought, that makes Obama "white". My point is that everybody wants to jump on the bandwagon of "it's racist" and we've stopped actually caring about the issues. We don't care that somebody's mother is in pain. We only care that we can use this example to push our agenda forward. The problem is everybody is so busy shouting "it's not enough...it will never be enough" that nobody is listening anymore. Round and round we go adding hate and anger as the important issues fall to the wayside, and and THAT is the real issue.

Excellent friend!
Last year I cared for a baby born via surrogate for a male gay couple...awesome people...even more awesome parents fo now three kids from the Mid-West where I was told this set up was against their state's laws...Broke. My. Heart. because they just as loving and devoted parents as any other loving, devoted parents I encounter in my practice...perhaps better parents than me...so WTF that some government gets to decide that they CAN'T be parents?
My heart aches for Trayvon's mother every time I hear his name because I am a mother too.

The MOMocrats are asking Johnson & Johnson to drop ALEC, source of the "kill at will" gun law that enabled George Zimmerman to shoot and kill Trayvon Martin.

*Coincidentally* (wink) the Johnson & Johnson annual shareholder's meeting is Thurs, April 26. They plan to live-tweet. (You see where I'm going with this...)

Details: #JnJ #JNJASM12 $JNJ @JnJComm when will you #dropALEC? http://chn.ge/JnJnoALEC

Well done. When my daughter was born, I thought, shit, this changes everything - I had been delusional, hoping for a son, someone who might be less likely to have to deal with the day to day bullshit, harassment, and abuse that I and most womenfolk I knew before me had endured. And then when she finally confirmed what I knew all along - that she was interested in girls, the weekly nightmares began. I fear for her safety every single day, more so than before and this while living in an area that is very active about trying to give everyone equal rights. When this boy was killed and justice was not immediately served, all I could think was, how could you? How could you let our already too slow progress toward humanity and civilization go plunging downward again? Because until everyone views all life with respect and dignity, until proper measures of justice are carried through to enforce this, we are very far from civilized.

The Dalai Lama put it better than I ever could: "Compassion is a marvel of human nature, a precious inner resource, and the foundation of our well-being and the harmony of our societies." It's about standing up for what is right, period, regardless of whether you are female, male, young, old, black, white, purple, reptile, mammal or something in between.

I have been absorbing the revelation and assertion of voice from a friend. She is going through a divorce, rebuilding her professional life and finally saying things like, "Feminist is not a bad word." So often I have found myself nodding and then speaking up in my own way.

Not everyone is going to like what I say, but I'd rather share things that upset some, than keep silent things that could benefit many.

This, as always, has cut through to the core of the issue which is, we are all in this together.

Bams-fucking-on, as we say around here.

Exactly what you said, Deb. Exactly.

Wow. This is so powerful and so right. Advocates can't make systemic change on their own, they catalyze the majority power holders to become allies who make change. In the meantime, during the hard process of identifying inequality and eradicating it, words like yours here mean more than you can even know. (Thank you.)

Amen to this, wholeheartedly.

I have had several conversations with men lately that feel very wronged by the "feminist" movement; they are seeing mainstream media's portrayal of us as being man haters, and feel very wronged by the current system for all the harm that it is doing to them.

When I try to explain that by fighting for women's rights, I fight for men's rights too, they say that I'm just one person and that "everybody else" isn't like that. When I try to explain that inequality for men and women is hurting men too, even though they just complained about it, they don't understand how. It is very sad.

And that's just one of the issues you mentioned.

"Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." Martin Luther King Jr.

Thank you for this.

amen and amen. thank you.

Gah, my comment is so long I'm going to write a post.

In short, thank you for saying this.


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