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April 23, 2012


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First time visitor to your site and this is the first post I read....

It made me wish that I had a vagina so that I could join in on the fist bumping celebration of the postpartum woman! For now, it seems, I'm stuck with this ridiculous penis.

Hmmm, now I'm wondering if I wasn't meant to read this. Too late.

I'm a little late to this party, but agree 100% that hiding signs of giving birth are ridiculous. i have a c-section scar and a 7 1/2 inch scar spanning the length of my abdomen (due to a sickness two weeks after giving birth). i am proud of these scars along with the stretch marks that are now a part of me. it all reminds me daily of the wonderful almost 3 year old i have(i'll remind myself of that statement when he's driving my crazy later!). Thank you for your candid, hold nothing back posts.

Wow. You are so awesome. Well put! I so would rather go thru childbirth again myself then to hear my husband's take on the experience. My vag would so take one for the team! Already taken two! The miracle of birth is so underrated!

I totally heard Rocky's theme music as I read this post.

Power to the puss. Here's to badass vagina's everywhere.

Totally! Vaginas are badass. But damn Kristen. Our poor assholes...

Pardon the language here, but fuck 'em. I baked up two humans and squeezed them out of a very small opening. My body won't be the same, and I'm glad. I didn't appreciate it before. I have a new found and deep appreciation for my vagina. Not to mention my boobs.

"My vagina can kick your vagina's ass."

So true!

I am striving to be open about my body with my daughter so that she knows what is normal and dare I say beautiful? Because she will learn self respect and confidence from me, I better start respecting myself!

Your first line made me laugh out loud. And yes, I spelled out LOL. Because your vagina is worth the extra effort. You go, girl!

you really are the #1 natural google search result for post-partum vagina. wow.

Anything to stop the constant apologizing for and lamenting of the way things are different than they were when we were 20. Frankly, I'll take some softening, loosening and fading over the buying-the-BS-hook-line-and-sinker from just about any asshole looking to mistreat my 20 year old self.

My vag was betrayed by my cervix - it never even had a shot at being a badass.

Now, my lower abdomen - that's been to hell and back. It can kick any guy's beer belly.

Word. *fist bump*

The vagina doesn't get nearly enough attention for the right reasons, does it? And I don't mean Lindsay Lohan stepping out of a limo without underwear on.

Congrats to you and your powerful lady bits.

Now go make that t-shirt.

Kristina - the asshole is the real victim.

Hooray for badass vaginas! Never thought about postpartum assholes, however. And I have to say I'm envious that you're the #1 Google search for postpartum vagina. It's an awesome bragging right.

Thanks for the link up, Kristina

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