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March 16, 2012


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You are so cool! I can’t think I have read anything like this before. It’s really good to find somebody with some original thoughts on this subject. Thanks for sharing with us.

You know that feeling.
We all like feeling good about ourselves.

Woman will forever be unpredictable to us men. I think this article supports that theory. Once a guy thinks he has it figure out, the table always seem to turn.

haha this is hilarious

Ha, I'm also evidently still posting as a frozen food company.

It was not a hormonally related error though. That you know of.

"not those fucking flowers." Heh.

Can we just pass this list out to grooms at weddings or what?

I _just_ put the 'next to the sink' dishes IN the dishwasher 2 feet away. Very complicated stuff indeed!
Thanks for making me smile. You rock!

I don't get it. Dishes in the sink or next to it?

This looks too difficult to decipher, so I won't even try.

Thanks for shedding light on a topic that mystifies most of us men.

Also, "boob". Heh heh.

Seems about right! There are always just as many exceptions as there are rules.

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