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February 29, 2012


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No more skinny dipping!

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Feeling *really* fortunate to live in a non-HOA neighborhood at the moment. The only issue we have is the old lady on the corner who, when the neighbor kids brought her a cake, she said, "what'd you put in it? Something disgusting to trick me?" (not kidding.)

I see Quinlan taking after her mom in the writing department. That letter was great. Good for her for taking the initiative. Girls (can) Rule.

I think the letter is awesome and I received your book and shirt for Christmas 2 years ago ironically enough by the owner of the dome (who happens to be my sister).

I think Q should be at a meeting!!

Just FYI- Kim worked really hard to have programs FOR the residents at the Dome; however, due to all the negative feedback from the Dome committee and letters to the asset management company complaining about so many little things, they informed her that only swim team could swim there right now.

Believe me, with as passionate as Kim is about swimming, water safety and fun things live DIve_In movies etc, this sucks for her as well.


HOA politicking aside, I love that Q is thinking about issues in her community.

This post reminds me of my own "suburgatory" our development has crazy rules & regulations on everything from the length of time it takes you to bring your garbage can in from the curb on collection days to the length of our grass as well. I love your daughter's newspaper article, I wrote one as a kid about a few houses in my neighborhood made several handwritten copies and handed them out. After several minutes my next door neighbor called me to his fence, handed back my paper, & said "why didn't you write something about my flower beds? You can mention the other neighbor's garden, but not mine. Keep your stupid paper!" I was the same age as your daughter...!?

That is just beyond awesome---Quinlan's article that is. The pool dome, while not nearly so bad as a neighbor with a broken-down school bus, three cars on blocks and an old refrigerator in his front yard, does look like a big white eyesore. If you guys got to swim in it, I'd tell you to count your southern blessings, but it sounds like you don't get to reap its benefits.

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