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February 08, 2012


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I've been sick with bronchitis and two of my kids are sick so I haven't been digging into the blogosphere the way I usually do. The link to this post on Facebook is how I just found out about Susan's passing. I am so sad for her family and children. But so grateful I got to meet her and see how big and beautiful her smile was. Everyone I ever mentioned her to said how much they loved her. We were all lucky to know her.

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Beautiful post. I agree with every word.

oh the tears you bring... my second son is my mother's father. So much so that my grandmother cried when she saw him. The grandfather that said good bye to me in a dream days before he died and who watched over me for years after that now makes me laugh with everything 2 1/2 year old antic. May Susan return to you soon.

This was such a beautiful post.

I finally stop crying and then...this. Beautiful, true, and sad.

K- I am sorry for your loss. So very sorry.

Beautiful written

I have never met Susan (or you) in real life, but appreciate how you each and all touch us. Her story has had a similar affect on me and many of my tears were for the idea of losing a child or them losing me. I cry now for the child I'm carrying that he will never meet my father who died since my last child was born. The circle is there and the connection I have to believe is there. It is hard to name, but I know beyond doubt that my father is near looking out for us. His genetics are imprinted all over my nephew's face if we need to "see" him, but it feels like his presence is in us too. I'm not sure, in short, but I like your perspective and the impact more broadly that Susan's story in our community.

I never knew Susan in real life, only through her blog and others. It is somewhat strange to mourn the loss of someone I never truly knew, yet I can't help but be saddened by her passing. The internet is a strange place with all the trolls and scandals. I think that truly beautiful people like Susan leave a bigger mark just because they shine so brightly in a place that isn't always bright. I'm sure that Susan will live on her children, in their memories and their families as well as in the memories of all those she touched. I'm sorry for your loss.

I remember when shortly after my grandma passed, my little cousin was born - and immediately we saw my grandma's eyes. As she grew, we saw her personality. I love to believe my cousin holds the same soul.

While doing a family history book, I came across a photograph of my great-great-great grandfather - and it was identical to my son. (And stories about his exploits seem to indicate the personalities match!)

There are so many ways Susan lives on, and I am so grateful to have known her. She left the world a better place. And I sure do hope her sons find her again when they become daddies.

I've been sick with bronchitis and two of my kids are sick so I haven't been digging into the blogosphere the way I usually do. The link to this post on Facebook is how I just found out about Susan's passing. I am so sad for her family and children. But so grateful I got to meet her and see how big and beautiful her smile was. Everyone I ever mentioned her to said how much they loved her. We were all lucky to know her.

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