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February 23, 2012


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That's the kind of image that i really thing is super image like. If more images very real like this were out there we'd be super full of graet images in the world.

But hey, not only do you know the first two words of O Canada, I'm willing to bet you know the first two words to O Canada in BOTH national languages!

MAC, as well as get a unique low-cost Upon Brand New Rawlings items in store. Overhauls children's participation (cardinals.com / kidsclub) People have to get a coupon good

Don't Americans put maple syrup on pancakes too?

In Canada we run races in "kilometres" not "kilometers" but we sure do love our beavers and maple syrup so I'll grant you honourary Canuck status anyway:)

This is hilarious! But seriously - and I mean this in the best way possible - are you drunk blogging? xxxooo

How do you feel about Tim Hortons and poutine and Beavertails?

I think you'll need to brush up on your pronunciation of eh and a-boot as well.

Ryan Gosling is Canadian too! Your case is even stronger.

I actually do like Hockey! Players!

Yeah, you need hockey in there. You're approaching Canadian, but not there yet!

But hey, not only do you know the first two words of O Canada, I'm willing to bet you know the first two words to O Canada in BOTH national languages!

Just one thing missing.. hockey.. you can't be Canadian if you don't like hockey!

i love this list.

i, too, believe myself to have evolved to the point at which i might be granted dual citizenship with our hockey-loving friends to the north. if there were a number 11 on your list, maybe it could be a deep and committed love of doughnuts? with a tim horton's on every corner, they're like canada's national food : )

Here's where I tell you that I love your beaver too.

And bite me, baby, curling is the best damn sport there is.

Where else can you yell 'Hurry HARD' at someone bent over and thrusting??


Well, as a Canadian I can say that is all you need to qualify! Well, except for one crucial piece, I'm afraid you will need to live and breath hockey.

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