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January 12, 2012


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I think that's so unfair for moms who have been in that hospital too. I know well that Beyonce could understand their feelings being now a mother. If only paparazzi would honor privacy.

I think most of the responsibility lies with the hospital. It is their job to care for their patients and meet their needs (note: needs not wants and I think a newborn NEEDS their parents). If they could not meet the Carter's requests for privacy without taking away other parent's rights to see and care for their child they should have told them to please make other arrangements. Whatever did happen was most likely talked about and somewhat planned months prior, I don't blame the Carter's for wanting privacy, I would have wanted the same thing, but just as we have to give our children healthy boundaries the hospital administration and staff should have done the same. I guess the need for boundaries really does start at birth. ;-)

That just pissed me off to no end that families were threatened if they left the NICU, etc. Fortunately, that famous family doesn't have to know how that feels to have a baby in the NICU, and how emotional and hard it is just to leave your baby that you just delivered.

Maybe celebrities need to have home births. That way others aren't affected and they can have all the privacy they want without having to make other people's lives even more hellish than it already is.

So well said. Also, feeling pretty darn good about reading a book during my hair appointment on Monday.

It's a high road to look inward. That said, celebrities and/or hospital administrators need to take the high road too. They are not entitled to make babies and parents pay the price, just as we ought not to feel entitled to their personal business.

The whole notion of celebrity boggles my mind. I don't understand how we can be so incredibly enamored with someone we don't know that we throw bazillions of dollars at them. Famous because they're famous? Oh, yes, we have a whole lot of those.

I generally don't do the Extra and ET tv shows, or the glam-mags in the beauty salon, for a reason. I don't understand why we need to throw money at people who may or may not use it for good. A million bucks to remodel a floor in a hospital? This is ridiculous, and it's wasteful.

I agree with Heather, there were other options to create privacy than basically commandeering the maternity ward.

That said, Celebrity baby blog is my vice, though I stay away from the rest. I don't even know why I go there except I like looking at pictures of cute babies. I should really stop visiting.

I'm going to be honest here -- I probably will continue to read the trashy mags. I haven't purchased one in years. Not since I had a child and lost the luxury of buying a magazine for a plane ride and actually reading it -- but I can't help it. Not reading them is beyond my willpower. Kind of like white chocolate macadamia nut cookies. Must.see.how.stars.are.just.like."us".

I could not agree more. Even prior to the outrageousness of little Blue's birth, I have felt a mixture of fascination and profound disgust with all things celebrity stalking.

I am not innocent, I even periodically blog about them, and I have all sorts of rationalizations about why that is ok. I also feel tormented by the fact that I am pretty much doing nothing more than rationalizing.

I'm not sure I'll be able to commit to never reading any of it again, but I sure do want to try. Celebrity should not be more important than the rest of the people.

Great post.

it's probably just me (and a few others), but I am totally uninterested in celebrities' lives. I didnt' even know Beyonce was pregnant. I know songs of hers I like, but I don't care about the personal lives of other people. Not at all.

I especially don't care when they think I should care about their political views, etc. Your opinion doesn't count more because you're famouse.

I feel bad for them that they had to do that to protect their privacy. I feel bad for any parent who's baby had to be in the NICU, at all. I was lucky, my child was taken from me just once for some bloodwork, otherwise I had her with me the entire hospital visit. I cannot imagine being separated from my child like that.

As soon as people like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardashian started showing up in the magazines & blogs as "stars" I knew we had all taken a turn down Insanity Street. Stealth pictures of celebrities give me what I call and "uh-oh" feeling.

When the rumors started trickling out about the Carters and their birthing experience, (hard to avoid) I thought, "ooh. Should have been less near-sighted about their own experience, there. Other people exist in the world." But as the shit storm has continued to swirl, I'm feeling bad for her. Because at the heart of it, she's a new mom trying to juggle all the feelings and recoveries - just like the rest of us had to. Because she's a famous singer doesn't negate the fact that she's a human being. So is her baby. Our weird Cult of Celebrity consumption should take a step back off the buffet.

At this point I wonder how much of it is true and how much is people wanting their 15 minutes of fame? If it's true? I'd be blaming the hospital like Liz said. It should have been on them to protect ALL of their families on that floor.

I stopped buying magazines years ago and I rarely read any of the celeb blogs. I don't know that it makes any difference. It seems it got to this point years ago and it won't go away.

I mean really, does anyone care how many times Jennifer Garner goes to Starbucks in a week?

Totally agree, @mom101. It's like they got piss-their-pants excited to have a celeb and forgot about that thing called "patient rights."

Shame on them for not being advocates for their other patients.

I'm with you. I have a lot of sympathy for the celebs. But those damn "See who has cellulite" headlines are like my crack (and not the one I sit on).

I'm going to point a finger at the hospital too, if that's okay.

It's a lot more fun watching Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune instead. And never buying or reading magazines of any kind. It's pretty easy to avoid trash if you stop caring and realize you have much better things to do with your time.

I think I'm just as likely to pick up Newsweek or Time (which are political tabloids really) then the other ones, but I definitely started thinking longer and harder about reading anything about celebs & their kids once I had my own. I wouldn't want someone following me around, so I try my best not to support that. I will admit to looking for what the kiddo was named. That is just my own personal fascination with odd names, given my own experience. I feel like I should start a support group for kids with really weird names. We could make Pilot Inspektor our celebrity spokesperson.

I totally get that they are famous and it is a fascination to people. I get that they want the most protection for their child based on this celeb status. But cutting off other parents seeing their newborns? Especially in an NICU? That is where I draw the line.

I mean come on, Beyonce is not the first woman on the planet to give birth to a baby. Women do it all the time. Heck there might be one giving birth right now.

What the media focuses on and hype's up to such a frezy is rediculous.I am almost positive that there are probably a hundred other more important stories going on than just a flesh and blood (because believe it folks, she is actually human) woman giving birth to a baby.

If the baby was in the NICU, they would have no choice...It's Intensive Care. The baby must have needed special attention from nurses & doctors, and special equipment that can't be found in a typical hospital room.

For those other parents, having a baby in the NICU is incredibly stressful...specifically because you CAN'T always hold them, bond with them, etc as much as you could a healthier baby. Those are the parents that need to get every moment they can with their child and should not have limited access because someone w/ more money or celeb status has a kid there.

I agree that we've gotton so celeb crazy that our culture is to blame for this stuff. I've never cared much, and therefore don't seek out those magazines or those tv shows. But I still sometimes enjoy hearing other people talk about whatever the latest buzz is...It's somehow unavoidably fascinating.

Perhaps the Carters should have given birth on a reserve in Kenya (or wherever the Jolie-Pitts gave birth to Shiloh) to avoid the public and scary security risks. There are so many other options out there that would have made sense for them and met their needs for privacy and security. Hell, they should *have* rented a floor for 1.3 million just to avoid this mess...

We kept all of our children in our the hospital rooms with us, but if I recall correctly the hospital always had a patient bill of rights on the wall in each room, I'm sure that keeping babies from parents is not listed on that plaque.

Alas, you are correct, when blogs with names akin to Celebrity Babies are uber popular I suppose the Carters have to do wonky things to protect their new little baby bleu... I mean Blue. (I'm craving a wedge salad right now!).

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