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January 02, 2012


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Momaical is an existing blog and she is very witty! Check it out: http://www.momaical.com/

Spidermom... Super multitasking skills you'd think she had eight legs!! She even gets a jingle...

Spidermom, spidermom, does whatever needs to get done..

Can't you just hear it now? I had a few more cute things to post, but my mommy-sence is tingling... An innocent baby is having diaper in trouble!

If you have turbine,you will not put it down. http://monsterbeatsstudio.us

Momcation sounds good to me!

What would I do if I didn't have you to talk about pushing things out of your vagina? This made me laugh.

Those are some classic names! I really like the momstrosity one!

momiacal.com for moms who are teetering on the edge and need a quick reality check. And great recipes!

MOMvicts- those moms who made good on their threat to leave their children at the store if they kept running off....only to find out that it is illegal to do so.

What about MOMen noodles, that versatile pasta budget-conscious moms can serve several times a week in different variations so they can take the savings to feed their Starbucks habit?

MomBC - Mom Broadcasting Corp. "Mommm-Beee-Ceee. The more you breed."

I think Mom101 and I are both hungry too. Let's talk momstrosities over lunch, shall we?

Momtemplations, for philosopher moms.

And I thought a momlete would be delicious with feta and spinach and a side of crispy bacon. But wait...whose eggs would they use?

You missed revoMOMtions for the mothers in the Arab Spring who want to revolt while pregnant, EncycloMOMedia for those know-it-all moms who want to know other know-it-all moms. PomMOM for former cheerleaders who want to relive their glory years and TraumaMAMA for those ER doctors who have vaginas.

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