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January 19, 2012


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Happy Birthday Drew.

(Dammit Kristen, you just gave me the full-on ugly cry before I've had my coffee.)


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DAMN, DAMN, DAMN. Well, at least I am not the only one crying. Full on tears, at work.
lovely, lovely post.

Sobbing. Just sitting here sobbing. Thanks.

Great. Now I'm teary, too, and mine is only 9 months old!!

{{ tearing up right now }}

I have two boys and I think of this type of thing often. They are so close right now, but it won't always be this way. Great post.

Good Lord Kristen for bringing tear-invoking sweetness.

Today is my 37th birthday and the best comment came at 6 am from my 5 year old when he told me to go outside and ring the doorbell as birthdays are for surprising.

Happy birthday to your sweet son today.

Dude, alert, alert, alert when you plan to make us weep.

Wow. I'm crying also. So beautiful.

I'm crying for happy and for beautiful.

Happy birthday drew. I don't know how you are five, but I sure hope you see this when you're 40 and know how much your mom loves you.

Tears over here - great perspective. Happy Birthday Drew!

This just about killed me. I have 3 boys and although I want them to grow up yo have familiesof their own my greatest fear in life is that they'll one day be too busy for me.

I needed that cry today. If this isn't the truth. There is nothing that beats and mom and her son.

Damn, Kristen. And I just read this line in a book I'm reading: "A man who loves his mother too much is someone who can never love his wife enough." Ouch. Off to curl up in the fetal position and sniff my son's white blanket.

I read this while my little guy was snuggled up in the bed next to me calling me "beautiful Mama" and telling me he loves me. We share a similar version of the future with our sons.

Happy birthday, Drew, here's to the man you will become.

(call your mom once in a while when you're a grown up. It'll mean more than you could possibly know now.)

My own four year old is right next to me watching Curious George, wondering why Mama is crying into her iPhone. Happy Birthday to Drew.

I always forget our sons are almost birthday buddies. My son's 5th birthday is tomorrow and talking with him this morning I almost cried at how awesome he has become in his own unique way with his own loves already. Thanks for a beautiful post.

Now I've got the urge to go snuggle my still-sleeping almost-four-year-old.

Happy birthday to your sweet boy!

Wow. Touching perspective. Now, if you'll excuse me while I go hug and kiss and spend time with my little guy while I'm still the most important woman in his life. Xo

Yes, dammit, crying here too. Happy Birthday Drew!

Happy Birthday Drew.

(Dammit Kristen, you just gave me the full-on ugly cry before I've had my coffee.)

Happy Birthday, little guy!!! They do grow so quickly!

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