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January 25, 2012


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Magic. I like that. Love to her, her family, and as close to a prayer as an atheist gets.

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Life sure can be unfair and suck sometimes. Praying for peace to find your friend and all she loves. Hugs

I bet Susan has a good personality and worth to enviable. And my dear, no body is perfect, just try to love yourself and your life.

Thank you for saying a lot of what I have not been able to this week.

Sometimes we need to step back and look at ourselves. You are right life is not perfect, and I complain a lot. I love those moments where I can stand back and really examine myself and how lucky I am to have such a blessed life.

I only know of Susan through your blog, Kristen, but she has provided a dearth of inspiration not only to me, but to my daughter, who loves science. I've referred to Susan's list of women in planetary science more than once to show my daughter that if she can dream it, she can be it.

I hope that she and her family have peace.

Susan introduced me to blogging when she forwarded me the post you wrote about playing the Mississippi State fight song in a string quartet at someone's wedding. I didn't even know what a blog was before I read that post. I laughed until I peed my pants, and that was my pre baby bearing bladder.

I asked her for more blog links, and we started reading you, Julie, Catherine, Amy, and a few others together. Then, we started our own blogs to keep up with each others daily lives instead of having to have marathon phone calls a few times a month.

Then, before Blogher 2007, right before she started chemo for the first time, I started TeM Whymommy. You were the first blogger with a far reaching audience to get on board, and I credit you for the quick expansion and wide spread sharing of her story.

So, tech ically, I could point at you and say, "you started this". :)

I'm really glad you did.

Holding her close to my heart.

So nicely said, K.

Well said. Thanks for validating that it's okay to whine and complain sometimes, and it doesn't mean that we care about whyMommy any less.

Susan offers such inspiration and perspective. Lucky to have her in our lives.

Yes. Magic. Perspective. Susan has given us much and I'm very grateful for all of it.

yes. I feel like I can't think abut much else this week. xo We are all her. We are all the same. Thanks for always spreading your love too K. xo

Perspective is such a gift. Thanks for passing it along. xo

Magic. I like that. Love to her, her family, and as close to a prayer as an atheist gets.


Ever so magic, Susan and all she's given so many of us.


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