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November 01, 2011


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This is actually a large tub of steaming hot tub jacuzzi boat hot water, massage stimulates the body and mind.

That's awesome. I think I'm more impressed that the sippy cup is sitting nicely on the tray. My 14 month old will take a drink and then chuck it at us. It's really more of a weapon than a sippy cup.

<3 it!! :)

They are cute and all, but three is plenty for me.

Cute as f**k.

Aww...so happy!

My six year old does that too, but when he does it, it's not nearly so cute.

Yup! My boys do that! It cracks me up, but I haven't caught it on video yet.

omg that's so adorable! can't wait til my daughter does that :)

Aw! Me too. Perhaps a third...if my husband blacks out one night.

Yeah - my 15 month old does that and it totally cracks us all up! No more babies here though - because along with all that eating comes the teething too!

Nope. Just makes me hungry. Does that make me an asshole?

I do want to have another baby. Right. Now.

So fecking cute. I would love a 5th child but its a complete no no from my husband which in reality is fine with me.

That. Is. AWESOME!!

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