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November 07, 2011


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OMG! Every single post of yours makes me crack up!!! Thank you!

My husband would have been too lazy to pick up my shoes and put them else where, so consider your self lucky (kidding!) There was the one time he picked up after me when i got home late from work (in the beginning of our marriage) so i must have been having am affair right if i get home at 730? Well i came home to find all my clothes, vacuum and arificial christmas tree on the from lawn.

I simply leave his clothes exactly where he left it. Just close my eyes and grit my teeth. I just love it when he asks me why he has no clean clothes. If its not in the bin it will NOT be washed. Simple

SubMommy hit the nail on my head. My husband's standards for the rest of the house are so much higher than for himself. Even to the extent that he BLAMES our cluttering ways for him leaving his shit everywhere. Like he was some meticulous psycho before he got himself a wife and kids. PuhLEASE! Ugh, they're all dicks.

What is so freaking difficult about just asking a person to please move the shoes? We bought new ottomans with trays to replace our broken coffee table recently, and my husband took to pulling one of the three close to the couch so he could eat. Then, he'd just leave it like that all crooked and out of line. Drove me trucknutz! So, after about a week of me putting it back in place I told him it drives me trucknutz and could he please put it back in place. He does now, ya know, like an adult.

Also, just have to say that it tickles me that China Wholesale Products is leaving you spam encouraging comments!

Ugh, mark me down as another one who wants to strangle her husband over this sort of thing. Our daughter has this little pink water bottle. For some reason, according to my husband said water bottle should never, ever EVER EVER EVER go in the sink. Ever. Why not? Who knows, but he's willing to have a screaming rage fit about it if I put it there. So what does he do when he picks her water bottle up off the floor last night?

That's right. Puts it right in the sink. While I'm watching. Seriously?

I love reading things like this, it makes me feel like my husband and I are normal - except mine would never put his clothes in the hamper he would continue to deny that his clothes were anywhere other then where they are supposed to be.

Where's the photo of his drawers, sitting abandoned in front of the toilet? That ought to settle this business.

You know, this is a familiar song for me. I'm always amazed that he can get freaky about a few papers on the kitchen island, while opening an envelope and then leaving it on the same kitchen island.

These kinds of struggles have been the Achilles heel of our relationship. One day, after a nasty disagreement full of stony silences and harumph-ing, I said, "You have a different standard for me than you do for yourself. You get mad when I have a pile of bills and to-do's next to the computer, but in the same breath you open a piece of mail and leave the envelope on the same counter. The recycling is *right* next to you. That's what overwhelms me."

So - I get it. I've put his shoes sole-side down on his pillow before. The camping box full of dusty camping gear on his side of the bed after it sat out for a week. *I get it.* Am I perfect? Uh, no. However, it amazes me that he can see everything but his own stuff.

I know I shouldn't be laughing--but this plays itself out in our house regularly--shoes/laundry--OMG why can't you put the dishes in the sink?!?!

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