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October 18, 2011


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I don't know whether it's just me or if everybody else experiencing problems with your blog. It appears as if some of the written text on your content are running off the screen. Can someone else please comment and let me know if this is happening to them as well? This may be a problem with my internet browser because I've had this happen before. Thanks

What a blessing to parent an "easy" child. The curse: it passes by so much more quickly because you're distracted by greasing the squeaky wheels in your life. I often try slow down just to "listen" to my daughter's quiet. Too easy to forget. Thank you for a lovely reminder.

Whoa. Wonderful post, and happy birthday, Bridget!!

My littlest turns 1 on Sunday, and I've been struggling with catching my breath. I find myself constantly repeating "Remember when she was just a tiny little thing? What happened??" as she pushes and pulls away from me (while still suction cupped to the boob WTF?) to go chase her older sister. We're hoping to have another, and seeing her turn into a toddler makes me want it even more, but maybe more than wanting another, I just want her to be my baby for a bit longer.

Happy Belated Bridget!

found this from RageAgainstTheMinivan. beautiful (and yes, funny) post. makes me yearn for another little one. those days do fly by....sigh. and glad i'm not the only one with uneven boobs. what a relief!! great post and picture. happy birthday to your littlest.

so beautiful. Happy birthday Bridget!!

I was madly pressing buttons for a while. Grieving the end of being a "new, young family" thad had babies and strollers. Sad that my kids were becoming the "oldest" ones and nobody asked me for diaper advice anymore.

I guess I'm at peace with it now. With me having no more babies. But, honestly--not really. Or else I wouldn't slobber over those photos of your one year old so much.

Hooray, Happy Birthday Bridget!

It passes by so quickly!!!

I have two and constantly battle with myself, do I want another? Your post MADE ME WANT ANOTHER! Stop it! LOL Seriously though, great post (and I want another)

Happy birthday to your beautiful girl.

While I only have 2 kids--we didn't know that our 2nd was our last right away. I wish I would have soaked in more of those sweet last firsts...

Happy Birthday Bridget.

Happy Birthday, Bridget. Here's to all the joy and love you bring to your mommy.

Great description. Makes me sad about the years that have gone by that we can never get back.

(Kristen Howerton, that is... celebrating and grieving.)

Beautiful. And exactly what Kristen said. My youngest just lost a top front tooth last night and I had to wipe away the tears as I stuck the dollar under her pillow. I loved those little baby teeth.

Happy birthday, Bridget!

"not even a brief pause so I can catch up on what I missed..."

Oh sister, this is beautiful.

They say it's your birthday! Duh nuh nuh nuh nuh! It's my birthday too, yeah!

Actually, it really is my birthday, so happy birthday from one girl to another! This post is especially poignant to me because as a friend once reminded me, we celebrate lots of firsts, but we don't often recognize the lasts -- the last bottle, the last time they sit in your lap -- because we often don't know it's the last.

That's why my mom still makes me sit in her lap every now and then, even though I'm 39!

Happy birthday, Bridget. And happy birthday to you, too, mom, for having birthed her. :)

Beautifully said! My best friend sent me your link in an email, and told me you described exactly how she's feeling with her last... lo and behold, you described my emotions as well (my last is 5 months old). Thank you for putting it into words!

I wrote a similar post just yesterday about my third and last baby girl. It does all go so fast. I am grateful for that and tortured by it as well.

Happy birthday to your Bridget!

We're like this about our youngest (and last of 4), too.

That damn fast forward button. I am so grateful for the moments that sneak into my marrow unbeknownst to me and then, just when it feels all baby is gone, come out in precious wisps.

Kristen, this was exquisitely beautiful.

A year already? Happy birthday, Bridget. May you continue to grow, and learn and love and surprise and bless your mother (and father and sisters and brother).

Happy birthday for Bridget, and again what a beautiful post

Crying, crying, crying. I love the cocktail that you describe that first year as ... perfect. And the desperate pushing of buttons to get it all to slow down. Yes, yes. Oh, and the uneven boobs too! Sadly, yes. This is gorgeous. Happy birthday, Bridget. xo

Beautiful. With our fourth (and last), it feels like we are simultaneously celebrating and grieving with each new milestone.

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