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October 09, 2011


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Very cute story.. Happy Birthday Margot!

Hoping your beautiful girl had the best birthday.

I'm scared for my girls ever to see her again, now that she's old enough to answer Sage's question, "so...how did you like all those binkies of mine we sent you?"

Happy birthday Margot! So sweet!

Happy birthday to Margot. How did these kids get to be three? Seriously, I don't understand.

She is the only one of your kids that I have ever met, so she is my favorite. Even as a baby she was something special. Happy Birthday, Margot!

Happy Birthday to her! She's adorable!

Beautiful post. Happy Birthday Margot!

Happy birthday to her, what a beautiful post, and what a bright personality, I guess i did sniffle with you today after all

Happy 3rd Birthday Margot! She sounds precious!

Happy 3! Kids full of joy have parent who make them feel surrounded by love and acceptance.

Good job, Mom!

Happy birthday, baby! I can't wait to see you again, all grown up and tons of fun. I promise I'll laugh at your buttcrack jokes.

Knock, knock & butt crack are two things I hear a lot about still with my 4 year old! Happy Birthday to your Margot she is beautiful & definitely her very own self :)

Happy, happy Birthday to your sweet girl! :)

Sounds like a brilliant little girl! Happy Birthday Margot! Keep making everyone laugh their asses off!

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