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September 19, 2011


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Buwahhhhhahahahaha! Love you, miss you, been busy but you are always one of the first places I run back to when I can and I'm so glad I did today!

It doesn't get better as they age. My teenage step daughter practically accused me of child abuse because I... gasp... served salad with dinner last night and expected her to eat some.

My in-laws frequently remind my husband that our oldest son is payback for his rambunctiousness! I can't wait to pull out the "I told you so" on him when he's older...he is so incredibly stubborn!

I totally see my kids in this article. Becoming angry and fighting over things like brushing their teeth, putting on socks, having to choose between four types of cereal, etc, etc. God it frustrates me so much just to have such tension and conflict over everything they're asked about.

But yet, my kid's kindergarten teacher says "he's an angel." At school he's never had an outburst or tantrum, and never been in trouble. Makes me what to scream.

You just made me look like a loon! I guffawed (at work) about the "sippy cup spiking"... I have TOTALLY done that more than once.

My three year old will only wear "little pants" right now. No capris, no skirts, no jeans...little pants (shorts) only. My husband and I acutally had to hold her down to get her in a skirt one morning! (In my defense, it was her attitude that made me determined that she was wearing that damn skirt...makes my blood boil just thinking about it.) I have been warning her for a week or so that the weather is about to change and that we will have to put all the little pants away. I'm not sure this has sunk in yet.

I greatly fear the day when my children can tell tales of me losing my mind with them. I am fairly certain there is some funny stuff there, and plenty of material to discuss with their future therapist too.

Good call on the birth control with the lack of sleep conversation, I'm starting that this afternoon with my oldest. We were all a wreck...no one wants to be doing that and working on their algebra homework.

My kids' craziness and my frustration is perhaps highest concerning their beds. They literally act like mentally ill homeless people and hoard useless items and, sometimes trash, under their pillow and all over their bed. I once found my six year old sleeping in a box that she had hauled up to the top bunk. They insist that they like to create "nests" with their favorite stuff. I blow my lid about every month and clean it out. Once I found enough loose change to order a pizza.

Like you, I am planning for their adulthood. I am making long and accurate lists of what I find that I can show them later. To humiliate them in front of boys they bring home that I am suspicious of.

It's like a bad college party, we've all incriminated ourselves.

Yesterday I sighed in dramatic relief, and my husband asked me why, and I said "Because I just asked our son if he would try a new food and he said, 'Okay, I'll try it' instead of screaming as if I were trying to force him to swallow hot coals, and he actually has a rational reaction to my offers of food most of the time now, and I try to remind myself to be grateful every single time."

They'll all be seven someday . . .

LOVE this and I can totally relate! LMAO Thank you for the early Monday morning chuckle!

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