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September 13, 2011


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Hey, Kristen! Can I be a part of 4KidsorMore? I have four children. In fact, I had four children in four years; they're now 6, 5, and almost 2yo twins. I'm also a full-time working mother whose husband is a SAHD.

I'd love to join the group. Have I got stories to tell! And loads of advice for parents with large families. Just wondering.

Awesome! I will definitely check it out!

3 kids seemed to be the key number that it was the 'hardest' for me. #4 & #5 kinda just slotted in well with not much more chaos :)

See, the problem is that your kids are so cute they don't actually work as birth control. I just see your babies and want more in spite of myself.

Reading this article I can relate to it because even though I do not have any kids I come from a large family. Even though it might be challanging at for a while but at the end you end up with a big loving family. I think in my opinion the bigger the better. When those kids are older it will get easier and you will have a larger family to have big dinners with and hopefully be united. Thats the best thing about having a larger family, there are more people to love.

I have five adult kids (2 step) and 8 (going on 9) grandchildren! Cherish the time when they are little. As hard as it is sometimes, it goes very fast.

I have 4 kids!!!! ;) And I am a full time teacher. And wife. And a million other things. I can't wait to read along. I agree that I am ALWAYS looking for like minded people who are going through the same issues I am. And are asked the same questions...to which my answer is "yes, they are all mine. And yes I know how that happens." ANd my new answer in the teacher's lounge "Pay for college? Why do you think I sign her up for dance lessons now?"

Awesome! I'll be checking it out. I only have two, but always wanted three or four...until my second was born and I learned how crazy life is with 2 kids.

I need to see how you other ladies are managing it before I decide whether or not I am out of the baby makin business!

Four is a whole new ball game. Thanks for starting up a site for those of us who aren't exactly your stereotypical large family mamas! And if you ever need another contributor, count me in!

Ladies, can you please help my pregnant best friend win a Donut Divas Station for her baby shower. The competition is cheating and it would mean the world to her to win.

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Thank you ladies!

I'm so excited to be a part of this - already it seems a huge hit and that's an awesome celebration of our big fams!


I'm so excited about this!
I currently have a 6 year old and a 4 year old and I'm pregnant with TWINS!

Looking forward to reading!!

Awesome! I have so much respect for parents and even more for those with "larger" families. I always wanted 4 kids. But then we struggled for years to get pregnant and we couldn't--so we finally adopted (which we wanted to do anyway) and after we brought our son home, I thought this is so great--I can't wait to have 3 more. Less than two years later we adopted our daughter and it was then that I thought "Wow, one would have been great."

All joking aside--parenting isn't easy and I am so glad that moms with 4 or more kids have a place to draw from for inspiration, commiseration and support. Great job.

Love you and Stephanie already, so this will be a great blog to check out! We have 2 but I've been seriously contemplating growing our family to at least 4. Hopefully this new blog will help me see how it can work. Thanks for doing this!

I love this so much! I'm still working on parenting ONE (and that kicks my ass more days than I'd like to admit), but I've always imagined having four (or six, or ten!) children.

Still kid-less, but I've always loved big families and we hope to build one of our own - will follow the new blog for inspiration! :-)

Love it! The site looks gorgeous!

I'm adjusting to two, and while I'm pretty sure I'm done, I'm always looking for ideas on how to make things work better. Not to mention, if you count my husband as one kid, and my job outside the house as another, I'm up for four kids. ;)

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