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August 12, 2011


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They're also more motivated with grades and behavior, as we have "varsity rules" at home. I made my son ride the bench for one soccer game because he just stopped doing homework for a few weeks. He practiced, dressed out, but did not play. He hasn't slipped since.

Both kids have also learned how to fit in socially with others from a wide variety of backgrounds, are more comfortable in their ever-changing bodies, have a non-academic activity to be proud of, understand discipline and time management because of the schedule/equipment wrangling, etc.

In my opinion it is a truely good point of view. I meet individuals who rather say what they suppose others wish to hear. Good and well written! I will come back to your website without a doubt!

My life has it's own soundtrack. There is always a song running through my head. ALWAYS. That's one of the reasons I do Music Monday blog posts. Music is in every part of my soul.

I love this. I have so so many guilty pleasure songs, and they tend to be the ones I CANNOT. HELP. singing along to in the grocery store. Among them: Rosanna by Toto, Africa by Toto, okay, pretty much anything by Toto. The other night I severely angered some Twitter friends by planting a juicy earworm: "Waiting for a Star to Fall." Hoo boy.

I've also got songs that I can't listen to anymore; really good songs that were once favorites, because they are so closely associated with embarrassing or painful memories. I mourn them but I just can't go there...except every now and then, alone, late at night.

It is incredible how a certain song can take you back to that moment... whatever that moment was. Music is so powerful, and I absolutely LOVE driving alone in my car so I can blast my ipod on my car stereo. Currently in love with Bizarre Love Triange by New Order. My playlist is all over the place, though.

The glory of my iPod? I LOVE every song!(Especially Pour Some Sugar on Me.)

It is amazing how music can change your whole attitude.
I've really been enjoying some bad 80's music these days...great for "air-banding" with my hubby in the car :)

love. xo 10.

My life has it's own soundtrack. There is always a song running through my head. ALWAYS. That's one of the reasons I do Music Monday blog posts. Music is in every part of my soul.

I can place myself in a memory with the first few notes of a song from my past, dating all the way back to Elton John's flashy Crocodile Rock hey day.

I'm a classically trained soprano, but I listen to everything from opera to Kanye West. Hey - it's a long soundtrack. It needs some variety.

I feel strange when I hear songs from my past, but this post made me realize it's because I've grown past the song and I don't need it as an outlet anymore. But there are songs, always instumental, in which my mind makes the melody suit me. Perhaps that is why our wedding dance was a non-trendy Hans Zimmer piece.

I heard a song the other day that reminded me of a time in life so awful that I nearly threw up in the car. Weird how songs can trigger memories and emotions like that. But as with anything in life - there are the good and the bad.

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