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August 24, 2011


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Oh.. so cute :)

So cute! I have a 10 month old too :)

God she's cute!! Beautiful eyes!

Cute, my daughter just turned 11 months on Monday. How in the world did they get this old?


D'oh, my old-ish ovaries just quivered (you're welcome) you make some beautiful bebes, girlie.

Oh sigh, Mommy Therapy. Girl can already RUN. I'm doomed... :)

So cute! I love that age. They can interact and are adorable, but can't usually run away from you and get in to everything that makes you fear for their safety and your sanity.

I love her. She can come stay with me ANY time! You know where I live ;)

She is such a cutie! My Henry is 10 months-ish too :) Such a fun age, but man, divert your eyes for one minute around here and he has a mouth full of cat hair (that may or may not have been plucked directly from the cat!)

She sure has the cuteness going for her!

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