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July 22, 2011


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your link to the luncheon doesn't work. is it invite only? if so not worries, but i would love to hear all three of you!

Am new to your blog and I absolutely love it!
I clearly have been living under a rock!
I am definately your newest subscriber!

You wouldn't have wanted to break your attendance streak! This will be my sixth BlogHer as well.

You gave me a chocolate bar with your logo on it in 2006. In 2007 I skipped because Scarlett was born that month. I did 2008, 09, 10, and oh my god am I glad it's in CA because I do not fly free. This year, I go because San Diego is easy for me, but seriously, if it's 5,000 people next year, I'm so done. I look forward to seeing you in person and I'm thrilled that some smart people made it worth your while.

It's all so about BlogHer, haha. I have been seeking for other motherhood blogs and I was directed to you so I gave you a visit. I hope you can visit me too.

I think I met you at BlogHer in 2007. You were giving out condoms with lollipop sticks. I just finally tossed mine this year. :)

I wish I were going.

Great posts! You are a fantastic writer and that sounds like one hell of a journey! Congrats!

Happy you´re going for my selfish reason that I get to see you again...and this time we might, just might get to have a decent adults-only conversation! Although..how cute are our kids? ;)

Oh BlogHer.....wish I was going to be there. Boo!

Since I only see you when we're NOT in Atlanta, I'm glad you're going.

If my daughter-on-loan-from-Europe wasn't arriving and starting school that very same week, you know I'd be there spooning you and Liz and Catherine.

Off to sob uncontrollably.

hurray! you are coming! I'll see you there.

Just RSVP'd! Hoping I get in, if not I am sure you will all rock the discussion! Glad you are going now!

I am so sad I'll miss seeing you this year, but I would have had to break one of the rules and bring a baby, so instead I'll stalk y'all on Twitter. Have a blast!

If i have my say, you WILL be. *wink*

Happy you're coming. I miss your face.

The link should work now, the grumbles! Sorry!

Only my second BlogHer but I'd be very, very sad if you were not there.

your link to the luncheon doesn't work. is it invite only? if so not worries, but i would love to hear all three of you!

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