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July 13, 2011


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My daughter loves "boys" toys. She demands to watch ROBOTS on tv and would rather build blocks or kick balls than most other things. That said she loves pink, wants to prepare and eat (play)food with me, and gets a kick out of glitter.

Sometimes it's easier with girls because they're "allowed" to like boy stuff. Oh, and the boy McDonald's toy is almost ALWAYS better!


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Freaking awesome.

Is the pretty pink princess monster's shit all glittery? Just wondering.

For my girl's 7th birthday all she wanted to do was go rock climbing.

Yay girls!

When the McDonald's girl toy is lame (and it often is), my daughter asks for the boy toy.

This is exactly what my daughter wants for her 6th birthday!! She is a puzzle/lego/harry potter kind of kid. She plays with dolls and My Little Pony as well, but I love that she doesn't really care about much of the pink/girlie type stuff!

The party sounds great!

My 3 year old daughter loves her Barbies and her My Little Ponies. But more than those, she loves her big brother, who loves his rugby and lacrosse and Transformers. Therefore she loves rugby and lacrosse and Transformers. Not to mention that she tells me, every time we go to the beach, that she wants to go surfing with me when she's old enough. She kicks ass.

Totally perfect!

(My home is an explosion of sparkle and sludge, princesses and pirates, and every mish-mash of gender stereotyping around for both sexes, but I only have boys. My youngest son in particular has a very pink bedroom with flowers, fairies, and fangs.)

That sounds like an awesome party.

Quinlan is adorable!

That sounds like such a fun party!!!

Yes, but how did the cake turn out? (..asks the girl in the Ravenclaw Quidditch Team Captain shirt.)

My younger daughter (who turned 7 at the end of April) is the same. Her favourite Disney character is Tinkerbell, and for a while she seemed to think she actually WAS Tinkerbell. Now, whilst she still likes Tink (and Sleeping Beauty), she's a HUGE Zorro fan (the old TV series Zorro with Guy Williams, none of that Banderas shit), and is just as happy with pirate Lego sets as she is with Pet Shops...
My two girls are plenty "girly" and we have enough glitter and pink plastic in the house to fill a landfill, but they both like things "outside" the Land of Pink too!

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