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July 07, 2011


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oh So cute baby... She looks like a doll... Stay Blessed... Nice post and terrific info.
keep it up and Thanks for sharing...

Happy sweet seven,turning seven is the beginning of life!!

*Sniff* Oh, nothing. Just allergies.

(Gorgeous. Happy birthday!)

For us, 7 was a knockout year, and 11 is turning into, well, a turning point. But there will never be a more perfect snapshot of who they are than who they are on these special days!

Happy Birthday to the little miss - enjoy each day and moment in the now because we can never get them back...she is simply adorable by the way

Happy anniversary of motherhood, Kristen. She is so beautiful. And you are so amazing.

Hooray - Happy Birthday Q!

(Mine turned 7 last week and immediately decided he's now an adult.)

"If there's anything I want to do right, it's being a good parent." I couldn't agree more. Thats a very powerful statement.

happy birthday Quinlan! Good for you for enjoying the now...I need to remember that.

She's lovely. Happy birthday, Quinlan (and Mommy).

Beautiful. Thank you for sharing. (said with genuine gratitude and no attitude)

Happy birthday to Quinlan.

How did our babies get so big? Happy Birthday, Quinlan! Happy Birth Day, Mom!

Happy seventh to Quinlan!!

Happy birthday, sweet Quinlan. And congrats to you, mama. You deserve the "best mom ever" title.

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