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July 02, 2011


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Thank you for talking this.

You're awesome, Kristen. (And I still can't believe you're homeschooling your kids! How do you find time to work, write, mom - as a verb - and not scream your head off all the time?)

got out hsrry pary, I did a fishing game with the glass frames (dollar store), we made pretzels in melted chocolate with sprinkles for wands. rootbear floatsl that foam up ... fun times

people would never look, the problem is that many counselors tell you to look where all the other millions

If you need a game for the Harry Potter party, try Quittich. I read something once (probably Family Fun)about a game where they used pool noodles as brooms and hula hoops as the rings. My boys made up a game that is a bit simplier - no rings, just throwing the ball as hard as they can at my walls in the basement. Inch sized nerf balls were the bludgers - which they wailed at each other. The mini-basketball was the quaffle. I was in charge of throwing a little nerf ball into the mix at some random time as the snitch. There is actually a Quittich league - go on Youtube and you can watch games. I think they have someone dressed in yellow as the snitch and you have to tag them. Good luck.

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