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July 18, 2011


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LOVE that expression, too cute! I have a baby about a month behind Bridget so it's fun to see how similar they are.

She looks like Bruce Lee about to deliver a roundhouse kick to Chuck Norris' head. She's badass!

Oh, and I think it begins AND ends.

She is adorable!
My baby is getting mighty pissed he can't quite get up and go yet.
Love the onesie and what you did with the photo.

She's got all those siblings to keep up with! Darn tootin she's gonna walk as soon as she can! ;)
Love the onesie, too :)

Our older son walked at nine months, it's a little crazy, but definitely made him happy.

Way to conquer the world, young lady!

I love her determined face! (And hilarious title on her top) Go, Bridget!

She has mad skills. I think it must be a 2010 baby thing, because my daughter is all over the place too.

And she looks like she's ready to kick ass.

She is the cuteness!!

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