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May 09, 2011


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I'm nearly in tears because my 6 yr old has taken to calling me mommy for a yr or more & now he's got my 2 yr old doing it. We're from Texas and everyone in my family calls their parents mama & daddy- it's just how it is! I can't stand mommy, or god forbid, mom. It breaks my heart my boys are breaking tradition.

I am so relieved to find this thread! My 6 year old calls me "Momma" and it drives me insane. I'm not sure where it came from. Midwest born and raised, all of us. The biggest problem is that he says "Momma" 20 times at least when he's trying to tell a story, which he does, A LOT (I guess to make sure i'm still paying attention... Ha!). We have to remind him to give his mouth a rest! I'd much rather be just "Mom". So do I talk to him or just let it go?

My four-year old attempted to switch from "mommy" to "mom" two weeks ago. I NEVER thought that would bother me, when the "mommy" became "mom", but it totally did. For a week I kept saying "I am still mommy, at least until you are ten!" He switched back (for the time being anyway!)

Arkansas raised, but with no discernible accent (except when I'm talking to my grandmothers). I called my parents mommy and daddy, then mom and dad. I reserve mommy and daddy for those little tender moments when they need reassuring that, while I am all grown up (or as much as I can be at 24), I am still their little girl. DD1 calls me mommy, as well as a not-yet-two year old can. What really bothers me (now that I live in NC) is people calling my daughter ''mama''. Maybe, it's partly because they're also calling my husband ''sweetie''.

Oddly enough my group of friends refer to each other and ourselves as mama. We don't live in the south, never have actually, we live in Brooklyn and most of us are from the East. I guess for us it is cool to say "you are one rad mama, or kick ass mama, or love you mama, etc." I do find it offensive when the hispanic dude says "aye, aye, aye mama or mamacita" but when my friends call me mama I do not mind.

To each her own I guess!

I read your post yesterday...
Today in the car my 4y/o, Illinois born, GA transplant said: "Mama, when I'm big I'm gonna 'git' a 'cah-yat'."

A CAT...
Had to chuckle as your post popped into my head!

Georgia born and raised here. I PRAY and I mean PRAY that neither of my children call me "mama." Ohmydearword. I didn't think it possible. Yes, I KNOW if there is a god-he won't give a crap about my children calling me "mama.."....

I really wouldn't like it. Maybe we're shallow. I don't know. But we're not alone-that's the important part.

Grew up in deep South East Texas. (So deep it was basically Louisiana with Texas signs.) I did Mom/Mama/Mommy over the years...but what I'll never forget are the names for GRANDPARENTS.

Gee-GAW (rhymes with hee-haw.)Pee-PAW. Mee-MAW. I swear I've heard every version ever. (I actually referred to my grandma as "Maw-maw" until she yelled at me and made me stop. I won't even say what stupid name the great-grandkids called her.)

My own mom makes the kids call her "nana," which I absolutely HATE. It just brings pictures of Aunt Jemima to mind.

What I miss about the South? Really good sno-cones. People who know what cheese grits are. The little things...they're what make it fun.

(Born and raised in Arkansas, here...)

DD5 Calls me "Mama." I still call my mother, "Mama." My MIL still calls her mother "Mama." I love it!

When the five year old calls me "Mother" I totally know that it's code for "Bitch I am talking to you." Grr.

And yes, I still call my dad "Daddy."

My cousin was very sad the day she realized she was raising a Jersey girl. I can imagine feeling the same way about a Southern kid.

I used to call my mom Ma, just to piss her off. Usually she would rather I just call her by her first name, which I never liked much.

I used to live in Carrollton GA and at the time there was a family of middle easterners that came into the store where I worked. There was a gorgeous little four yo that would speak Farsi but then call her father "daaa-dee" with a perfect southern draw. So cute to me! On a side note I went through a looong period of calling my mom "maaa" all Italian American style (Irish decent raised in Colorado), and she would never respond right away-guess I know why now! And my sister is 21 and still calls my parents mommy and daddy-especially when she wants something!

So, my husband calls his mom "Mamada", and I never knew why or where it came from until you wrote this post and I decided to google it.

Um, yeah, so...WTF?!

I've always been Mum (being Australian), though my kids did go through a stage of calling me Mumsy for whatever reason. I never could figure out why, but they have mostly stopped now (thankfully, they are 16 and 17)

My oldest called me Ma-Ma, with a European flair for a while and it really gave me the willies. He's back to Mommy or Mom, depending on how sad he is feeling.

You have a point about all sorts of nasty other names for us coming sooner or later, enjoy the nice ones while we can!

You are right. Mac and cheese and always always always Mama. I love it, but that doesn't surprise you :)

When my son started talking (baby talking of the genuine kind) my preschooler started talking just like him (baby talking of the Makes-Me-Want-To-Take-My-Own-Eyes-Out kind.)

Overnight, we went from Mommy and Daddy to Mah MAH! and Dah DAH!


It's still going strong, with no signs of stopping and every, single, day it feels like nails on a blackboard. I want to CHOP MY OWN HEAD OFF.


I've managed to keep them to Mommy though back in WI I recall it was "Mumma" which isn't too bad. My oldest manages to be pretty articulate. My youngest calls his brother JA-ack as well as pronounces "again" with two syllables. Probably my own fault for naming him Duke.

My dad wanted me to call him papa so badly that when I was first learning to talk I called him dad and he frowned at me. So for several years I called him papa like he wanted, but once I started to become a defiant child I called him dad. Now I usually call him pops.

My mom never cared as long as I didn't address her by her first name ... or you know, bitch.

Awww really? I have been Mama to my kids, and my oldest has started toying around with calling me Mom. I will miss Mama if it fades away!

I still call my mom, mama. My brother does too. She's from the south though, so it's just what happens in her family. My oldest calls me mom or mother when I'm annoying her. But my younger two call me mama most of the time.

I've been going through the same thing with C and it's driving me NUTS!!! I HATE being Mama. No no no, my southern girl. I'm MOMMY. I don't know who the hell Mama is but that ain't me. If she keeps it up, we're going to have to move back north.

My hubby and I moved from Colorado to Tennessee sixteen years ago. I had never heard of sweet tea or knew that "red" could be a two syllable word.

My ten-year-old son still calls me Mama. I think I prefer that to "Mother" which seems to be a popular thing around here. It just seems so formal.

We don't live in the south really--but about a year ago-my now 5 year old started calling me mama--but not all the time. It's cute when they do it every once in awhile. My darling little girl--she calls me Mother--again not all the time, but I hate that. It's cute because the doesn't enunciate all that perfectly yet, but it makes me feel old and completely formal. I am so not formal.

I too know that mean bitch isn't too far around the corner--so as long as it's nice--I won't complain (at least not to them)

My MIL is called Mom-Mom by Huz's first daughter. I *HATE* "Mom-Mom." When I got pregnant, I told her straightaway that my child will be calling her "Grandma." MIL immediately pitched a fit, announcing that she was called Mom-Mom. I stood my ground and kept calling her "Grandma." Now my daughter is 4 and calls MIL "Grandma," which I know sets MIL's dentures on edge. I'm so proud.

Don't worry - I was born and raised in the South and now that I'm military wife and live all over (currently Germany) I typically get asked where my accent is when I say I was born and raised around Atlanta. I tell them that my Mama (ha) told me time and again to 'speak slowly and enunciate!' and apparently it worked. I do, however, use y'all liberally and have other words and pronunciations that are definitely southern. And although she has spent all but 8 months of her life in Germany my five year also calls me Mama.

It's interesting, and sometimes cringe worthy what the kids pick up from the local dialect. The worst thing mine have picked up so far is "libary." Drives me absolutely insane. It's amazing how different the dialect and accent is in this southern most part of the state my husband and I were born and raised in.

We live in NH.

When my oldest was 4 she developed a TWANG and I became, MAW-MAA.

I was Mom, but for about a year got to be MAW-MAA.

It still makes me laugh.

My husband is a southerner and I'm an Army brat. I call my parents "Mom" and "Dad". He occasionally slips and calls his "Mommy" and "Daddy", HA! The biggest name conflict with us, though, is what to call the grandparents; his dad insists on being pawpaw (ewwww!), and I keep pushing "Grandma" and "Grandpa" for both sets of grandparents. I guess the kids will ultimately decide; I hope they side with me!

i didn't know "mama" has a different meaning to other people. lol. i like calling my mom "mama." :)
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when they were small, I was Mama which I nod towards my darling husband and his Mississippi roots for. But soon enough I was and remain Mom...or Mommy~Dearest or The Great and Powerful Mom.
But I have to say the sweetest, most delicious name is the one my grandbaby, Hazel gave me, "Mi-Ma". The way she says it, it almost sounds like "mommy" backwards.

My eight year old has already learned how to call me “That mean bitch” right to my face. She just ends all conceding statements with “Mother”.

That shit cuts right through me.

It's funny, I was "Mommy" from the get-go. Even as toddlers, my kids never said "mama," always "mommy." And then, completely out of nowhere, my New England kids with a Midwestern mother started to call me "mama." It's nothing I ever say to them, and I can't think of anyone else we see regularly who says it, either. And yet, suddenly, "mama." Now, all three (with "mom") seem to be interchangeable, but I have no idea where it all came from.

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