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May 16, 2011


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Fantastic! What a cute idea.

What a great idea. She is simply precious! And "Tree" (talkin' to you, Mom) the proverbial and VERY advanced verbal "Apple" didn't fall far! Well done!

she is adorable! and she talks so clearly for 2.5! :)

That was too precious! Cupcakes for everyone!

So stinkin' cute. I may try this with my son but I'm not sure he'll sit in one place for long enough.

Now that's just awesome! Here's hoping more interviews happen in the not so distant future. I also get sad when i don't have cupcakes

Good idea...whether it's posted or not, as eventually, these little creatures grow up, and we'll miss how they talked and answered questions at young ages.

Sooo cute!!! And she's so smart!

Too stinkin' cute!

Um, um, um I love her! That wrinkly, twinkly smile.

Oh, that is sooooooo cute. She is a doll!

I love that. I wish I had more video from when my girls were that age. It would be a nice counterpoint to the 10 and 8 year old attitude I get now-a-days. So adorable!

OMG - dying from cute!

Now that's just awesome! Here's hoping more interviews happen in the not so distant future. I also get sad when i don't have cupcakes

I'm dying from the cuteness!

that was seriously so cute i think i may have just ovulated.

Ohmygosh that was so cute!!!

my heart just exploded! she is totally adorable and has fantastic language skills!

i'm also sad when i don't have cupcakes.

Love it! Agree on more future versions of these videos!!

That is too cute! Now, how did you get her to sit still and talk to the camera? Heck, just how did you get her to sit still?

Too sweet! What an awesome idea...thinking video interview a year on each of mine would be phenomenal keepsake.

OMG! This is adorable--I am totally stealing this idea and using it with my kiddos.

I love that her favorite food is vegetables and pizza--good job MOM.

I'm also sad not to have cupcakes.

My cheeks hurt from smiling at that. So cute!! Um, um, um . . . .

Holy crap, that made MY uterus cry and I don't even have one! And yeah, it is rather sad not to have any cupcakes.

She likes playing with "Mama"! Just sayin'.

Oh my god that is just adorable, her accent is so fecking cute, I love american accents.

She is so cute! And I hope we see more interviews in the future. :)

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