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May 25, 2011


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Just would like to say that raising a creative child is a very creative process itself. Only creative people can become good parents, who raise good kids.

The best was the proclamation that he was going to use the broken stuff to make "a broken time machine.

Fully half of our kitchen island cabinetry is the "craft cupboard", and the stuff continues to encroach on other drawers, cabinets, and counters. The fits that are thrown when I insist on a major clean-out are epic.

CJ recently asked me whether I kept all of her school paperwork. When I said no, she was aghast. I tried to explain the fire hazard aspects, but she wasn't mollified.

She and Q and Laurel ought to start an arts and crafts co-op.

My daughter was the worst hoarder when she was younger. She's crafty and artistic too and there wasn't a sheet of paper in our house or prop that couldn't be used for a craft that I was allowed to throw out.

Thankfully, she goes to school during the day and I was able to purge in her absence. As she's grown older she is far more selective in her hoarding tendencies now. She keeps it to mainly half eaten apple cores tossed under her bed, mounds of electric blue eye makeup and more acrylic and oil paints than Picasso would find necessary. Still, I consider this progress.

wow...I feel soooo much better about the craft crap in my house and feel a little better about giving in completely and letting them just go to town being creative.

Creative sounds better than "making a giant f***ing mess".

oh lordy- my kids are both like this. We have an "invention table" and piles upon piles of Stuff. The best was the proclamation that he was going to use the broken stuff to make "a broken time machine. You know, that, if it were fixed, could take you to another time!" How do I argue with that?

Wait, so the the word for child hoarder is creative? Good to know. I needed that one, as my oldest does the same thing and I keep calling her a hoarder.

OMG, lol. My daughter is like this too. I have several pieces of furniture and window sills that match your rolling pin. She's now 10 and it Does. Not. Stop. 'Cept this year she was one of very few elementary school kids in the district invited to an international sculpture invitational in our city, so there is that. I pray for big fat scholarships to compensate someday.

Um, you just wrote this about MY six-year-old daughter. Just to prove it, here is a Crapbooking entry I wrote about her when she was 4. Now she has her own camera and makes 6 minute "cooking show" type videos of herself teaching how to make a drum out of a plastic fork, yarn, and some construction/tissue paper. I highly recommend this if your daughter doesn't have a digital camera yet. Tho the digital clutter is also growing out of CONTROL. :) She and Quinlan would be kindred spirits. Thanks for this post.


Kids are so funny! Take a look at the funny cute kid project I'm developing with my nephew, he's almost 6.


My boy is just like this. We can't keep enough tape, staples and glue in the house for him to connect stuff. Thanks for reminding me what a joy it all is. I have glitter stuck in the grooves of my dining room table that I may never get out. I'm not sure I really ever want them out.

Hilarious! I find myself hoping that my children will be as creative someday...for better or worse!


I've said it before and I'll say it again. Q and L could wreak (even more) collective havoc with either of our craft stashes (or recycling bins). :-)

This is hilarious! I can definitely imagine the frustration that comes along with it, but so fun.

My children all do the same "I can't clean it up all by myself!!" routine when asked to clean their own mess. These are rough lessons to learn....and teach.

Those carrots are awesome! She's a keeper :)

This cracks me up and makes me feel so much better! Clearly both of our daughters are kindred spirits. The other morning I woke up to an entire village of ghosts made out of one complete box of kleenex. And I too can never throw anything away that she has deemed 'craft-worthy'.

"the wind how fast" indeed!

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