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May 18, 2011


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Listed below are links to weblogs that reference Bridget - 6 months & 7 months (She is soooo the 4th child. Sorry kid).:


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Beautiful baby, gorgeous photos.

Clearly you didn't skimp on genetic blessings, she'll forgive you ;)

The pea party is a classic shot. It totally reminds me of a commercial. Funny stuff.

Quality not quantity.

That last one is a commercial for something. I don't know a highchair. Or peas, so great you will even sneak to eat them.


Fourth child or not, she adorable!

Oh man, babies and food! Love the green goatee!

Love her smile!!

Wasn't Madonna the 4th kid? Don't worry, this one's gonna kick some ass.

Finger dimples are my favorite! Yum avacado! We're still on banana,(although we snuck some watermelon Sunday and the kid went wild.)

Rushing home to snuggle on my 6 month old.


The middle picture...makes me wish I had one that age too. Loving the lashes!

Dying of cute.

She's adorable!!!! Enjoy!

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