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April 18, 2011


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I apologize like that, too. Your post gives me hope that maybe (just maybe) the apologies are getting through.

Thanks. And I think I need that cupcake recipe.

Great post!! I feel better already. Now where is the cupcake mix....

I apologize when I yell at my kids too. I want them to know that it's okay to admit when you've done something wrong, and to try to do better... no matter how far up the wall they're driving me.

Lorrie...I find it so interesting that you come to a blog that you so obviously cannot relate to or cannot understand. Very, very interesting. I am thinking that maybe you should find another blog where motherhood is perfect and motherhood is not tiring or challenging and everything is roses and chocolates. Now THAT would be interesting...if you can find one. Ta-Ra!

I FREQUENTLY freak out, and all I have to offer then is an apology and a promise that I'll try harder next time. And I am making progress....slowwwwwly. But I still mess up, a lot. I really believe the willingness to apologize makes a HUGE HUGE difference--obviously it does for your daughter.

I think in general it's easier for the parent who's not around as much to seem more easy-going, because they don't have the pressure of everything falling apart hanging over their heads to the same degree.

Funny, I was just wondering if I said "Sorry" too much in this house, since my 3yr old daughter says, "I'm sorry, Mama" about 20 times a day, with only half of those instances being apology-worthy. (My Grandma will apologize for clouds covering the sun, as if she personally failed in not producing the perfect day - don't want to go there). But reading this, and knowing that she hears us saying it as often as necessary...that makes me less concerned. She'll figure out true context later.

My parents were great, but they never apologized for anything. Never, ever. Because parents cannot be wrong. And I was really resentful about that growing up. So I find myself apologizing to my kids quite a bit. I can tell my 7-year-old appreciates it, too, and she often cuts me more slack than I think she would if I didn't.

Lorrie, you're an asshole. She was not complaining about parenting in this post. And even if she was...so what? A woman can't vent? On her own blog? Really?

I find it so interesting, that you keep having children - when clearly, all you do is complain about parenthood. Very, very interesting.

Six is tough, but I am also finding it to be a really amazing, sort of break through age.

Yay! I knew apologizing was the right thing to do :) Even if my 4-year old hasn't made me feel it yet - this does!

Little ears are listening. I guess we don't give them enough credit! It is however comforting to know that innocent young minds are so quick to forgive.

Love hearing this. Cause I know I apologize when I'm unreasonable, often because I'm tired and forget she is only 3.... glad to know it does sink in.

Apologies do matter. I know too many adults who wish our own parents had bothered to acknowledge their mistakes. We're changing that for our children.

I get called mean on a daily basis. I'm not as cool as you, though, 'cause I'm not real sorry. Just because I say no to the 15th request for jelly beans, doesn't make me mean. For Boy Child, "No" equals "Mean."

If my husband and I get heated about anything, my 3 year old always busts in with telling me to "stop fight with daddy!" It makes me a mess every time, because it is never directed toward him. The other day, I apologized after and she said "Its ok, mommy. Its not your fault." Does she even know what fault is? But it felt so nice having that forgiveness.

So your saying i'm not the only mother who gets bat shit crazy when her kids lose there minds. Causing me to then lose my own. God damn feels nice to not be alone!!!

I so very much related to this post in regards to the Mommy guilt over losing my shit. I do that often and have made many, many apologies about not acting the way that I should.

My husband is often gone as well, but is the exact opposite of yours in that he is often overly permissive and it takes a long time to anger him. He hates to be the mean one since he is so rarely around, something that creates quite a bit of difficulty in the discipline arena. We're screaming for a Nanny 911 episode to be filmed here soon. :)

So nice to know that for all our screaming, our saying sorry is not only heard, but it counts.

Thanks for sharing!

Can you send me the asshole cupcake recipe? Andy's been unemployed for 4.5 months and the stress level around here is running a bit high. Culminating with more than our usual share of yelling.

In related news, how do you like Atlanta and what do you know of Duluth??

I have to say that, I am very lucky to have married a man that co-parents with me. But there are times when he frustrates the HELL outta me. Those days when he walks in from his day at work, out of the house, and I am basically throwing a temper-tantrum because my dear children have driven me crazy! And what does he say, "cool it". All I am thinking is Really? and I say to him, You haven't been here. It really pisses me off that in the middle of my melt-down, his response is for me to "cool it". Okay, so that aside, He will also come in when things have not been going well and "whip" the kids into shape, not literally. There are more of those time, and I love him for it. I am usually the asshole, I am MeanOldMom (MOM).

LOL Thinking of you and wishing you the best

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