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April 02, 2011


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Before I continue further, I'd like to assure you that information that I'll be revealing back right now is very obvious to see and please don't help make things complicated. Upon learning hypnosis, you'll be shocked at what can be accomplished with this new skill. What would happen is that specific things like head tilt, hand gestures, body lean, were measured as the people were watching the presentation.

WOW! I started reading when Quinlan was much smaller - just before you announced your pregnancy with Drew (lol I remember checking obsessively waiting for him to be born so I could see what he would look like!) and now, OH MY GOSH, your babies!! They're growing!! AHHHHH!!

They're all lovely. But I think you know that =)

Oh my! And so they grow... faster than the sound of memories :x

So cute!!


Between these pics and the one of you with the new do I'd say you got one GORGEOUS family there Ms. Chase! Mr. Chase is one lucky dude!

Oh, good grief. A fifth would surely come out liquid joy and beauty. The two of you do make 'em, special!

I think you've hit your quota of gorgeous children, Kristen. Save some for the rest of the world, will you?

They keep getting bigger, huh?

They're all beautiful. :)

WOW!!! Your kids are beautiful!!!!!! Look what you've done- good job! :)

What a beautiful LOT you've got! <3

Beautiful babies!!

What a beautiful crew you have!

Wow, look at Quinlan! I remember when she was just a baby! I can't believe how big she is now. It seems like just yesterday you had Margot. Beautiful children.

Too fast! They grow too damn fast! Very cute:)

When I first started to read you my daughter who is about the same age as Margot was a newborn I can't believe how fast they grow.

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