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April 27, 2011


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"I hope what you end up owning is minimal."

Issa's comment typo was a funny addition...

I too got audited for 2008 only I did not have an accountant and my friendly IRS person kept getting pulled off our audit for other projects so it took OVER A YEAR!!! to finally be told I owed them 5 figures! I had 120 days to pay on March 10th and by golly I will drop that check in the mail on day 119!

irs = nightmare

it's so boring to take care of these things!

Please tell me you wrote off Lube.

I feel for you-- back when I was doing Freelance Writing AND Blogging-- we had a few places who did not send us our forms...and so my husband did not report them.

(Thanks, AOL!)

We got the friendly letter from the IRS as we were driving to the airport to move across the country after my husband was laid off. Nothing says "extra expenses" like $2k...when you haven't had an income in a few months.

Hang in there...remember...the file cabinet is your friend.

Choke. SOOO sorry you're dealing with this. Ugh.

The whole schedule c/estimated taxes thing is the big, fat, flip side to self-employment if you ask me. One of the things I truly miss about a "real job" is a paycheck I can predict with all the nasty taxes already taken out.

Just reading this makes me want to hyperventilate.

A mattress? LOVE it.

Hope it isn't too painful---that sucks.

I remember one of the copywriters who rented office space in the small agency I worked for got audited and he put the auditors in the smallest, windowless conference room, turn down the AC (in May) and let them sweat as they weeded through his paperwork.

A mattress as research? Snort. I've actually heard worse. A working for a CPA in the moment. Um good luck. I hope what you end up owning is minimal.

A lot of the middle class has a 5 digit tax bill, they just don't pay it all in one lump sum. If it weren't for tax withholding, there would be riots in the streets.

Oh my... That sounds horrible. I hope that this is one of those rare instances where an audit leads to a hefty refund. (Well, one can dream, no?)

As a fellow one-woman-small-business owner, I sympathize.

The only thing that has saved me since I started having to do this crazy Schedule C business is that my father-in-law spent several years working for H&R Block and is willing to give me free tax advice in exchange for occasional adorable photos of his grandchild.

The clink.... you are definitely going to the clink.

I couldn't keep track of everything this year, couldn't get the one document I needed from the mortgage company (selling the house is the hell that keeps on giving) and said screw it. Audit me. Force me to amend my return. I took the shot, wrote the check and am eating mac and cheese this month. Hopefully the throwing of money at them will placate them for the next three years. I really do think it was in their favor.

Having paid a five-figure tax bill for having the audacity to save for our retirement (like I'm ever going to see anything I paid into Social Security), I feel you.

I had receipts in various purses, drawers, on shelves, along the bathroom sink, the kitchen desk, the kitchen table, the kitchen island, the kitchen counter... now, we put a big box on top of the fridge that I try to put all my receipts into. The kitchen is still the most likely place I'll leave receipts.

Let me assure you that not everyone pays after an audit. I was audited once, proved all my expenses and paid nothing. In addition they told me that since I had passed my audit, they could not audit me for the same items for another 3 years. Yahoooo! I have not been audited since but I am prepared. I never cheat on my taxes and as I think it important to share the expense for many public services, I don't mind paying my fair share. And I have paid 5 figure tax bills for years on a teacher's salary. Remember the old adage - You get what you paid for. Thinking of you and wishing you the best

Re: the bed write-off, "Gutsiest move I ever saw, Mav."

I expect to be audited one day, but all our records went under water in the Sept '09 flood, so now they're covered in furry mildew and are wrapped in ziploc bags and grocery sacks under the stairs to the garage. So, at least the auditing agent will not enjoy going through them, which will make me happy.

Have not been audited yet, but I have had dealings with the IRS...UGH. I think it would be better if you went to office, pulled your pants & panties down, hand them some lube, bend over, take back the lube, and tell them to ram it in hard. It's probably what it feels like! Sorry you're going through this!

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