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March 03, 2011


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it is particularly those amateur attempts of recovering information that end up being your data’s worst enemy.

awwwwwwww I love that.
SO sweet.

I tried it and it works - thanks a million!

I'm wishing I'd met Margot earlier. I love my Duke to death (#2) but lately have thought a number 3 could have been doable tho I shut the door surgically when I had him. If mine hadn't been so close (14mos) and me "old-ish" (then 37) oooooh I'd be on #3. I should have done this a decade ago!!!

Aw, how cute!

I'm with Summer. I can't believe she's already a person. A walking, talking person who thinks and has opinions and favourite colours. Man, where does the time go?

So I don't think you've ever really written about her TALKING. And well she's like 2 right? So of course she does but gosh this just makes me go DAMN. I remember when you spoke of conceiving her! I know some have been here way longer, but I feel like I've been reading your forever!!! You kids are so stinking cute!

Oh God, this makes me tear up for my own 3rd child who got so excited with new stuff because he always got hand me downs. Now its different because now he knows the words "thats not fair" and boy does he use them!!

I have to admit I'm secretly pleased when Ollie requests the pink bowl or pink plate. It's easy to set aside the blue one or the green one or even the white one for the boy, without bothering to consider that he might actually dig one of those so-called girly colors.

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