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February 07, 2011


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it melts my heart.. i've been in that situation many
times.thanks for sharing a great reminder.

Someday is right now for me, as my one and only daughter is 15. Good for you for excusing yourself and spending a few precious moments with Q. Enjoy it.

This feeling catches me off guard all the time. All the time.

In the crush of the day, it's hard to remember but I'm so happy when I do.

last night my daughter woke-up to use the big girl potty (so proud of her) and as we stood in the hallway together, everyone else asleep, I asked if she wanted to snuggle with me for awhile. She gave me a huge smile and said yes and we lay in my bed cuddling-the rest of the house asleep-for almost an hour. When I put her back in her own bed, she gave me a kiss and fell right asleep.

So, yeah, I get this and I'm happy we both made the right choice and had the energy to do so.

That is so sweet.....i can not believe you have 4 now....btw, Bruce Curless was asking about you. Hope you guys are well. I think of you often and wonder what the hell i did......

As a Taylor Swift song made me cry on my way to the grocery store at 9 pm, unloading them at 10, making lunches cut into dinosaurs so they will be eaten.....I needed to read this. I will now go climb into the queen bed with my 19 month old, who will undoubtedly say "mama" quietly when I do.....

Wise choice...and maybe for this sole act she may never have to slam a door, or say "go away"...God bless mothers for their sacrifices...

The cleaning and scrubbing will wait till tomorrow,
For children grow up, as I’ve learned to my sorrow.
So quiet down, cobwebs. Dust go to sleep.
I’m rocking my baby and babies don’t keep.

I dread the "too old for snuggles" point. Excuse me as I go love up on my toddler right now.

With you every night.

I mean, not really, that would be weird, but you know, I get this.

Gosh that hits home here! I teared up a bit because we're expecting our second in April and I'm concerned about all the missed cuddles I'll have with my first, so I'm soaking them up right now. I think he knows it too because that's all he asks for. :) Thanks for sharing!

Jeez, tears on a Monday morning. Thanks. And so true. My 6 year old doesn't get snuggled nearly as much as she wants to because the babies need me more. Unfair. Thank you for this very important reminder. Gaah. More tears!

Had a similar moment last night that I am grateful for. Great story. Thanks!

Never when you are older, alone in your empty nest, will you think, ''I wish I had finished all those dishes, or folded that laundry instead of wasting my time holding my children at night.'' It's something to always try to keep in mind.

When we bought loft beds for our kids, I was a little bit hoping that it would mean quicker bed time routine because I couldn't lay down with them up in the loft bed. I was always so desperate for that alone time after their bedtime and somehow it felt like I wasn't a good Mom if my kids needed me to lay down with them at bedtime. But I pretty quickly had the same realization that the snuggles would be over way too soon and now every night I climb up and down that stupid ladder (x2), but most of the time, it ends up being my favorite part of the day!

thanks for the reminder. i need that sometimes. *sniffle

A good reminder - thank you!!

It's not nice to make me cry so early in the morning.

Love this! Except I think I got something in my eye while reading it, and thinking about my own daughter. Sniffle.

Thank you for this. Same tale here. Sometimes, it's so hard to remember *this.*

You will never regret the times you said yes. They are only young once and when it is over, you won't believe how fast the time went. Enjoy every minute you are not too exhausted to even move. Thinking of you and wishing you the best

My daughter still asks for snuggles (at nearly 17), so I give them. Knowing that one day she won't be there.

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