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February 22, 2011


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The best part of all of it, is having you as a partner. I couldn't ask for more.

Congratulations! Most business don't make it to five years - and your has achieved so much with fabulous style.

You are the Michelle Duggar of Brain Children.

It's been so awesome to watch it take off and FLY.

Isn't creating an entity that makes people happy and pays you swell? I know I'm a fan.

This reminds me of when we were at Grant Park, and a stranger complimented you about something you were wearing or carrying (I forget) and asked where you got it, and you said, "Cool Mom Picks!" Reminded me of all the times Deb gets stopped to receive compliments on our childrens' (or her) clothing she's made.

And I'm so glad to be a part of your awesome brainchild! Here's to five more wonderful years!

Aww, I so admire what you've accomplished. The fact that you are also tall without tiny feet and cuss makes me adore you.

Cool Moms Hit! LOL, thank goodness for Liz's eye!

So glad you started this five years ago and even more glad to be a part of it! Maybe for the 10th, we should make sure we're all sitting on a beach somewhere toasting the past decade. ; )

Congratulations! Time flies by in a blink of an eye, more blogging years to come.

Wow- I remember Cool Mom Shit. Congrats to you both!!

Congrats! I love reading all of your quirky posts and may there be many more years to come :)

So many congratulations! It's an awesome site that's a go to for so many of us.

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