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February 14, 2011


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Oh my, her penmanship is amazing! Though from following you for a few years, she's always been impressive with a pen and paper, that girl of yours.

I would frame that Mom...and read it every night before you fall into bed unconscious.

Awww that just made my heart melt! She writes much better than I do...guess I could do with some penmanship lessons!

What neat printing.

Beautiful! Lucky indeed.

AMAZING! That's a beautiful Valentine that I hope you keep forever.


My heart just melted into a little puddle. Well played kiddo. Melting mom's hearts all over the world.

How sweet! And the handwriting? I wish my seven year old wrote half as neatly as this is written!

So sweet, I can't wait (I hope) for that day! Jack's 4K class has a big poster the teachers put up with the answers to the question "What do you love for Valentine's Day?" Expected responses from most all the kids - "Mommy", "Mommy & Daddy", "My Dog".

I search, I find...
"Yoda" - Jack R.

I'm asking them to let me have the poster for his baby book. Does the obession ever end?

well...you certainly can't ask for more than that can you??!! She loves you very much!! :)

Lucky, indeed. Happy Valentine's Day!

If that's not the best Valentine's present, then I don't know what is. I hope my own daughter feels this way when she's five; you're doing something right there, mama, you're doing something right.

And her penmanship IS amazing.

What Mir said.

Not only are you lucky for the sentiment, her penmanship is amazing!! (Seriously, first I was going to say "she writes better than my teen" but then I realized that actually, she writes better than I do, too.) ;)

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