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February 21, 2011


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Isn't that wonderful, how they want to be friends with us forever???

This post made my heart soar. So love to read this kind of thing.

Thank you

You totally made me cry. I might be tired but dang it I wouldn't trade my little goobs for anything.


There's something about my little guy that makes me want to hug him all the time, even when he's being difficult. I think it's because I know that one day I'll wish desperately for the time that he takes my face in his hands and says, "I love you, Mamma."

Sniff is right.

This post reminds me of the book "I'll Love You Forever" (makes me cry just thinking about it). My sweets are 6, 3 and 4 mo and I can't stand the thought of that leaving day. "As long as I'm living my baby you'll be".....
HBD to your boy!

GAH. Why do they feel the need to grow up so fast?

So sweet and sad on many levels. Happy birthday, Drew!

My little Drew just turned one...

::sniff, sniff::

Aw.. Happy birthday to the little dude. I love the 'we can watch Transformers together!' part. haha! Boys seem to have closer relationships with their moms.. Who knows, when he's an adult you might actually *want* to kick him out of the nest. lol. But for now, hold on tight and get in those extra cuddles. Time flies..


Wow, this reminds me so much of my son. And the part about having a relationship with his mother via text message and the occasional babysitting night? spot on to the relationship between my husband and his mom. it makes me sad to think that i won't be the center of their worlds forever.

He's four already??? I found your blog (and been reading ever since) when you were at the end of your pregnancy with him. I think the first post I read was about how you were ready to have him, and running up and down the stairs at your in-laws to induce labor. Time flies.

Happy Belated Birthday Drew!

Is the house we built on Dover still for sale?

I can't picture my little boy getting bigger, so I choose to live in denial of such.

Hugs mama. Right there with you. Sigh. I somehow think my little man will be the hardest to let go from the nest.

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