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January 10, 2011


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I don't even know what a feed reader is.

WOW! Heated topic over something so small.I still use bookmarks but I can't say I would stop reading if it was only partial feeds in a reader.
Whatever. The main issue here is cancer and how badly it sucks. So here's another dollar up cancer's backside.

I think the less friction between reader and content, the better. If you want people reading your words, why make them jump hurdles to get there?

For people who use readers, full feeds are key. Between hobby and work, I have a shit ton of stuff to read and I like to have it all in one place.

Bloggers like you, who only allow for partial feeds, get removed from my reader. This doesn't mean I stop reading you, it just means I stop by less frequently. But for the most part, everything gets read. I love your writing whether it's in my feed or not. And you're right, when it's worth it I'll make the extra effort.

This gets interesting when you start to monetize the blog itself with ads, rather than using the blog as leverage for other endeavors. If you need the eyeballs on your site to set the rate for ad space, it becomes a business and your objectives change. There's an inner debate between needing people to connect with your work, and wanting traffic. The difference in the equation is that your readers are no longer your customers... we're the product being sold.

I strayed a bit there. Sorry. But fuck cancer. And you already know I'd follow you to the end of the earth.

Go away cancer! Prefer the full feed myself.

I actually want my reading to matter, and if partial feeds make that happen, then by god, use them. I want you to know that I'm a loyal reader somehow, even if I'm not commenting. I feel like I vote with my $ when I buy the non-crap food, and I will vote with my click on a site to keep the smart, funny, meaningful writers at the top of the most visited list.

Do people really care more about feeds than cancer? Dayummm.

I don't use a feed reader so I don't care!

I could not possibly give a crap less about the feed issue, but cancer sucks, so let's donate some money! Thanks Kristin!

I prefer full feeds just because my computer is ANCIENT and slow...

but I subscribe to people with full and partial feeds alike.

Yay for raising money for cancer!

I don't care one way or the other - I don't use a feed reader. And I was 15 when my mom died, and today is her birthday, so I've always had a healthy dose of perspective, I think, and I don't sweat the small shit. And most of it is small shit.

Cancer? Isn't small shit. And Susan? Is amazing. Love you both. Thanks for doing this for her and all those fighting.

The only time partial feeds annoy me is when I read blogs on my phone. My application is awful for that, but that's my fault. New phone soon!

So awesome that you are doing this!

Love your blog Kristen! If i knew what a feed reader is I am pretty sure I would click thru to see full feed. A little behind on the technology here! Thanks for contributing to such a great cause!

Click. Clack...Moo.

I'm not really sure what a partial feed is or whatever it is. I just happily click on your Web site from my bookmarks and read it. :)

Cancer sucks. takes too many lives. Thanks for making an impact miss!

Haha Tara!

cancer sucks, lets show it the way out.

Eff cancer. Eff it right in it's effing cell membrane. I cannot begin to tell cancer how much I effing hate it! It's taken too many I love, and continues to strike.

As for feeds... like others have said, I use it only to keep up with the blogs I read and make sure I know when new posts are published. I check the reader, but I always click to the site. Unless I'm at work and it's blocked--then I wait until I get home to read it.

aw, man kristen. you hit the nail on the head here. this is a raging debate in our nursery. for example, my 5 month old LOVES partial feeds. she just wants to skim off the top and then look at me and laugh to see how it went over. i HATE THEM! I want the whole thing, the WHOLE THING, full-fed, right then, right now. especially when it's 11:30pm on a get-up-at 4am kind of night. er, morning. now...my 3 year old...he doesn't want any feeding at all. so maybe he's not your audience. but i am trying, so hard, to keep clicking through for the full feed. we'll get there.

i actually have no idea what you are talking about, and honestly? i don't really care. i have no smart phone and i have no job that requires someone to look over my shoulder. i click on crap all the time, on accident mostly- but if it was something i wanted to read, i'd probably be able to do it on purpose. i think it takes about as much time as...that.

eff you cancer!

The Google Reader bookmark button makes it a non-issue.

great cause! way to go kristen!

Not that big of a deal to click to read IMHO

I will not read or subscribe to a blog that has a partial feed. I sometimes stumble across them when (like with this post) I click on a link from Twitter or Facebook. I guess I just don't understand the "everyone wants to steal my content so I have to protect it/I'll do what I want screw what my readers (customers) want/my content is so fabulous that people will click over regardless/my stats matter more than my readers" mindset. There's a bit of an ego thing going on there that I find a little distasteful. If you truly only cared about your writing, then you'd keep a private diary and you wouldn't run ads.

I am also a busy person whose job it is to consume massive amounts of information each day, and who tries to be efficient as possible. Extra clicking or waiting for pages to load or trying to fix a screwed up blog on my mobile device just aren't on my to-do list.

True, bloggers CAN do whatever they want, because it is their site. They just need to be well aware that they will lose readers because of partial feeds. I am most definitely not alone in my feelings.

And to the people who think it's ridiculous that people even care about this, I have two comments. First, we're moving into a more and more digital world. Things like feeds and RSS code and user interfaces and content consumption channels matter in ways which you might never expect. Don't discount them. Also, if you think that just because someone cares about how they read blogs means they also don't care about bigger issues like rape and cancer and dead children, well, you're an idiot. There is room in our brains and hearts to care about more than one thing at a time. Would it be fair to say that someone is a bad person because instead of spending every waking moment fighting hunger, she takes a bath some nights? No. That's inane. Quit being ridiculous. It's not an either/or situation.

P.S. Kudos to you for donating to such a fabulous organization. I know a woman who has been helped by them. You rock for doing this.

Personally I'm a fan of the full feed because I'm a) busy and b) lazy. But either way, you rock for helping Susan!

Cancer sux the big hairy nipple!

Here's another dollar to help!

Lovely way to support a good cause! And I'm with you on the "really is it that big a deal to click, people?!?"

Jennifer - This is a topic that a lot of folks have an opinion about, so I figured that if they were going to leave a comment about a silly topic, then I'd turn it into something good.

The limit is 500 because I'm not wealthy. I'd make it 20,000 if I could :)

Here's a DOLLAR against CANCER!!!


Thanks for doing this!

I don't have the foggiest idea what a feed reader is. I don't know the difference between partial feeds and full feeds. I don't read mommy blogs. But I'm happy to support the fight against cancer.

I'm sure it doesn't surprise you to know that I'm somewhat anti-partial feeds. On the iPad, I don't really care, but on my phone. Man, it takes it forever to load a full-feed website. Now, if you had a mobile version of your website (j/k) that would rock ;).

Cancer truly sucks. It does. My dad does battle with skin cancer regularly (fortunately the less scary kind), but every time they find more our hearts drop a little.

Why is your donation predicated on the number of comments you get? Are you trying to drive up traffic? I'm sorry if this is insulting...it may be something I don't understand (I'm not that savy when it comes to blogging)

My mother in law wears one of these sleeves. I can't believe they aren't covered by insurance!

like Karen (SubMommy) I prefer the actual site over the reader. I do use my reader to keep up with the daily posts on my list of favorite blogs ...some don't post everyday, crazy, I know!
here's one more dollar in honor of WhyMommy. Cancer sucks!

Exactly, FUCK CANCER. Because Susan is such an excellent woman. She doesn't deserve this. She is phenomenal. She is strong. She is giving. She is brilliant. She is caring. Cancer, you are mean. Susan, you are nice.

Hi, I love your blog, I find partial feeds useful when there are blogs not nearly as interesting as yours that have one good post once in a while, also I'll click to your site anyway if I want to post a comment, wich I don't usually do unless is a blog I truly love.

I solve the partial-vs-full feeds problem with the Google Reader bookmark bar button.

I click it, it takes me to the webpage of the next post in my reader.

So....partial-feed haters really have no reason to complain. They have an easy fix. It's like complaining that chicken doesn't always come pre-roasted and sliced for you. Oh no! I'm never buying unsliced chicken again! I'm insulted that it's even sold!

You mean you still haven't come up with a way to please everyone?!?! The shame...

And Cancer - you suck. But you are awesome Kristen for donating to such a worthy cause :)

Screw Cancer...Susan's a strong and wonderful woman, who does not deserve this.

I don't always click through to your posts, but as far as I know it's still your decision. Lovely gesture.

First of all, FUCK CANCER.
Now,until reading some of these comments, I thought I was the only person left on the planet to use the good old fashioned bookmark system!I only read maybe 20 blogs, and I just have them all bookmarked!I figure if you're good enough to make the bookmark list, you definitely deserve the clicks! Seriously, HOW is this even an issue to people??? Ugh.

Prayers and hugs for WhyMommy.

The only reason I don't like partial feeds is that a lot of sites are blocked at work, but Google Reader isn't.

Anyway, anything I can do to support WhyMommy and her battle, I'm more than happy to do. I've read her blog for years, and met her in person recently, and can say that she's absolutely beautiful inside and out.

Cancer sucks but you rule! Way to stand your ground... way I figure it, full feed protesters just want full feeds to add content to their own sites without having to work for it. lol, there, let them flame me now... that should get a few more posts for the cause! ;)

I remember my grandmother needing a lymphedema sleeve when she was undergoing treatment for breast cancer, so I'm glad you're using this discussion to raise money to get them for people who need them.

I generally prefer full feeds, but I do 95% of my blog reading on my iPhone when I'm on the subway (and therefore offline). I had trouble getting the website caching to work to be able to click over to full posts on partial feeds, but I think they're behaving now so it probably doesn't make much of a difference to me now. Either way it's the publisher's decision and not my call to make for someone else.

I don't read via feeds at all. I've never even tried a feed reader, but I presume it tells the reader when something new is posted. I prefer to check in whenever I feel like it. I definitely see your reason for not switching to full feeds, but not having personal experience one way or the other I'll stay out of the larger battle.
What you're doing with the donations is awesome so I wanted to leave you a comment to help get the #s up. Cancer sucks!

LOVE! Even if I don't love partial feeds (I still love you).

Hoping your friend gets better!

I think this is awesome! Awesome enough to comment here and also go right on over to and donate another $10 of my own cash.

I'm just starting to teach myself HTML (I probably didn't get it working here on the link above, but I'm attempting) and using feed readers, keeping up to speed on the technology that's discussed often among bloggers. Not because I'm thinking of changing careers, I blog for myself, but because I love a challenge to learn something totally new that could improved my life - and so many of the blogs I keep up with do just that via their topics.

Personally - I like partials - if you can't get me in the first 100 words, I probably need to move on to something else. My time is stretched thin enough.

Thanks Kristen! And enjoy the snow!

You are awesome!
Full or partial. Doesn't matter a hoot to me.

I'm going to bitch but not about you and not about full feeds.

I'm going to bitch about the fact that people get their panties in a wad over such ridiculous crap. You want to be righteously indignant about something?

How about the fact that there are children, young children, being molested and raped and abused every single minute of every single day all across the planet. Or how about the fact that entire generations are being wiped out by AIDS and cancer and not having access to clean drinking water. How about the fact that public schools are being forced to pull their arts programs and now transportation programs. Or the fact that insurance rates are through the roof but more people than ever are losing EVERYTHING trying to save their own or their childrens lives. Or the entire food industry that thrives on feeding crap food to people because the majority of us either can't afford organic or can't "buy local" because no such industry exists in our area.

You want to pick something to be pissed off about, there are a million things more important than whether someone publishes full feeds on their personal blog.

And for that matter, how about instead of this year vowing to join a gym and lose those holiday pounds we vow to STOP BITCHING ABOUT STUFF THAT DOES NOT MATTER! Let's use our anger to get something productive done, something that will change our world and leave it a little better than before.

(Sorry I just used your blog as a sounding board Kristen.)

I never knew I cared about full feeds until I finally entered the Stone Age and started using a reader. And, yeah. It's annoying. I switched to a reader because I was tired of clicking through my blog roll every day to read posts. Therefore, making me click through defeats the purpose of moving everything onto a reader.

And, yeah, I know this is a personal problem. But then, what isn't really?

Agree with general comments re: feeds. What a ridiculous thing to get into a snit about. You keep on putting whatever you want on your blog, that's the kind of thing that's never bothered me, I'll click if I need to. BFD!!!

MIL has metasticized lung cancer now (and she was never even a smoker... has always been very healthy. FU Cancer).

I will almost always click through on a partial feed.
I know my blog has been rated as "pornographic" by some firewall filters (which I seriously have no idea why—there's hardly any porn at all on my blog ;p) But other than something like that, where someone is blocked from a site, I don't really see what the big deal is.

Go WhyMommy! F@#$ cancer!

My dearest Mom just passed away from metastasized breast cancer. I prefer the full feed blogs, but seriously...my Mom just died from cancer. People are dying from cancer, and people get their knickers in a knot about stuff like this?

Perspective, people.

I love my feed reader because I follow too many blogs to remember all their urls. And because I use too many different computers to bookmark everything. That said, yours isn't the only partial feed I get, and that doesn't bother me one bit.

I prefer a full feed - however I won't stop reading you because you don't have a full feed. It just means that I won't read your full post unless your topic catches me with those few words. (It's not personal it's just how I read my partial feeds). However, you can kinda protect your work on your feeds by adding some text to each feed (automatically) that says this post came from Motherhood Uncensored with a link back to your blog and everything. While it won't stop someone from stealing your work it will protect people from taking credit by stealing your feed. You use a different blogging platform than I do but I'm pretty sure you can customize what your feed outputs in most of them. It's an option.

I wish your friend the best of luck in her recovery and truly hope that she can get the medical assistance she needs.

I don't use a reader either. I've got my list of constant reads and click through each day. Might take a little longer, but hey, if you all take the time to post quality stuff you deserve a daily click from me!! That's how I look at it at least!!

I don't mind clicking thru on a feed & hate cancer. Double win!

I love you.

Good for you for not giving in to everyone complaining about partial and full feeds.

Also, I think it is great that you are using comments to raise money for cancer patients.

Good Luck. I will be sure to retweet and get people to join your cause.

I am @JanetteToygaroo

I don't even use a feed reader. So there.

Cancer took my 25yo best friend on Friday. I'll argue either side of the coin if it means more for cancer sufferers. Personally I was unaware we had come to the point that one finger click was too much work.

Clicking through is pretty automatic, partials aren't my favorite thing but if I don't have the extra .02 seconds it takes to open the post, I probably don't have time to actually read the post. What you're doing is great!

I think people are lazy. And I think you're great for donating money to a great cause.

I don't really care one way or another about feeds, but if I'm not an avid reader of the site the partial feed needs to be fairly compelling to get me to click through.

I think you make an excellent point, from a writer-y standpoint. Partials make you think harder about how you're going to hook your readers. Full-fanatics who say they won't click through a killer partial ON PRINCIPLE are kind of jerks. (See how nice that sounded with the "kind of" in there?)

I like good partial feeds and web sites with cool neon headings.

I'm not a fan of partial feeds myself but I hate cancer even more.

I use full feeds, but I click on partial feeds for most of my favorites and I am ok with it. I feel like the only people who need full feeds are the ones who aren't at computers (or have smart phones) most of the day (there are a few of those left in the world). Those two people also happen to be my reads so I love them.

Bravo to you for supporting the fight against cancer!!!

I'm all for raising money for cancer!!

Very generous of you, Kristen!

I use full feeds. Because I live in the f*cking boonies and my internet is ridiculously slow even though I'm paying for high speed. Each clicks adds to a time delay which cuts down the amount of dicking around I can really do on the net.

That's what a CLICK means to me.

Also. You look really hot in those pants today.

Having dealt with a mother who had had one form of cancer for the past 15 years, I'm delurking to support. As for feeds, don't use them. In fact, the give me more headaches than bookmarking all the sites I read.

I hate feeds, I come to the actual blogs, feels like I am stopping by your house. Is that creepy?

Fuck cancer. Fuck feeds.


I have no idea what a feed is. But I'd probably prefer a full feed, more is always better! Ha!

i was sure you were going to go for the easy pun - from feeds to feeding the hungry or something like that.

but this is good, too. and by good i mean great!


I don't use a feed-reader, so I have nothing in particular to say about this. Well, except that it strikes me as similar to saying "I'm not going to read the book if the entire story isn't on the jacket flap." Anyway.

You're awesome for donating--your blog and your money--to a worthy cause.

I go to your blog every day by going to the top of my browser and typing in www.motherhooduncensored.net. I don't use feeds (partial or otherwise) because we couldn't use them on our work systems until just recently so I never set them up. I am just really surprised that people care so much about one or two extra clicks on their feed.

Seriously, though, a 9 year old girl was killed over the weekend along with 4 others and a Congresswoman is fighting for her life because of a deranged gunman's assault on our democracy. Why in the heck does it matter that people have to click through feeds when things like this happen. Perspective, people.

Way to go, Kristen. What a great way to support your friend.

Full or partial feeds don't stop me
from reading those blogs I love.
As a cancer survivor, I feel privileged
that my lowly comment will go to help one
fighting right now.

It was through your blog that I first discovered @Whymommy's blog, a few years ago, so I owe you a HUGE vote of thanks.
What a wonderful thing to do, donating for each comment. Brilliant. Thanks for letting us help.

Good for you! F**k cancer.

I don't know what a feed is, but I hate cancer and I like you.

Like I told you, I still USE MY BLOGROLL, for fuck's sake.

And, you KNOW how I feel about cancer.


I don't usually comment but I love your blog.

I can't say I care one way or the other. I have a feed reader, but I rarely use it. I always forget about it and just go straight to the blog.

I don't really like the feeder because it's so plain.

Although maybe since I have an ipad I will get used to it.

What's a feed?

...clearly, I am so behind the times.

Pain and cancer suck!

Wow, what a silly thing to complain about. You're one of the rare ones to do partial feeds, but I just don't care and automatically click you open into a new tab (without reading the catchy title most of the time) when I see a post from you. I open so many into their own tabs anyway if I want to read/contribute to the comments or just save it for later.

I don't use a feed reader, I just have you saved in my favorites :)

I prefer full feeds but I would never care enough about it to stop reading a blog because of a partial feed, and I would certainly never get worked up enough to comment about it without a good reason. Thanks, Kristin, for using your blog for important causes.


Good for you!

meh.....who cares about the feeds??? i have my fave blogs bookmarked and just check them every day.

Now here's to helping some powerful women!!!!!!!!!!!!

I couldn't care much less about full or partial feeds, but I agree that one must be a stellar writer to get me to click over. I try to read way too much to spend time on anything less. ;)

And yes, cancer sucks!

Cancer sucks ass. And I could care less about whether or not I have to click through on a feed.

Exactly HOW lazy do you have to be to C-L-I-C-K? Because I kinda pride myself on being lazy and I've never even noticed...

I am clearly so out of the loop with this whole blogging thing cause WTF is a feed? Whole? Partial? Who cares...what ever happened to saving the site as a favorite and clicking it that way? LOL, thats what I do...AND I am only 31, not 81 like i am sure you were just thinking. :) Props to you for dontaing to the fund and PS, I totally heart your blog...full or partial.

Delurking for the cause.

Prefer full-feeds but totally understand why people run partials. So not worth getting our panties in a wad over.

And yes, I always click over for yours, b/c I know it will always be worth it. Others, not so much. Reading at work not an issue b/c there's no time in retail!

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