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January 10, 2011


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F*** Cancer!

(and I read your blog on my computer, have no idea what a full or partial feed means!)

I don't use a feed reader to read blogs at all. I know, I know, I'm a dinosaur. But it's important to me to VISIT the sites I read. It's important to me to see the photos and the formatting because I know effort went into those. It's important to me to comment if I have time (Unfortunately, lately I haven't had much time to comment. I kind of miss being famous for GYOB comments.)

However I must confess that I've been so overwhelmed by the chaos of life recently that I've been tempted by the siren song of RSS. It WOULD make my life more organized . . .

But even if cave to using a reader I would never get mad at someone for publishing partial feeds.

Commenting. Cancer sucks. That is all.

I would love to click through, but yours is the only one I follow that doesn't show a valid hyperlink in the feed email so i can get there with my phone. Since most of my pleasure reading is done when I am waiting somewhere or sneak into the bathroom with my phone i have to wait until i get computer tme to go to the site. So, for my convenience, would love to be able to read the whole post in the email feed. :). Thanks for donating.

I prefer full feeds, but completely understand why you want to protect your work. And cancer can suck it.

I guess I'm not blog savvy enough yet to really get what the big deal is between a full feed and a partial. I don't really understand what the debate is for. Does it matter that much? But kuddos to you for your donation. Glad I can help!

I prefer full feeds but I click through on the few people that have partial feeds. I'm just notorious for not closing windows so partial feeds sometimes cause me to have about 20 tabs open.

I figure if you want to read it, then you will be willing to click through.

Who knew? Full vs. Partial...never would have crossed my mind!
Thanks for donating!

What an amazing gesture (me clicking over to your post...oh, and you raising $$ too) :)

Who knew it was such a huge debate? If I really like the blog, I don't mind partial feeds. I'll click over.

Cancer stinks...thanks for supporting CAC!!

I click through on those posts from people I usually read. It doesn't take that much time to click over and I know why bloggers have partial feeds, so it doesn't bother me.

Leaving a comment to say hello about the wonderful thing you are doing for Crickett's Answer!

Cool idea. I love that you take something that's already going on (or about to be going on) and turn it into something awesome.

Anything to help those with cancer!

This is so, so awesome. Thanks for doing this!

Awesome!!!!! Love your blog!!! P.S. Cancer can suck it!

You're one of the very few sites with partial feeds that I read. Why do you make the shortlist? Because most of the time you grab my interest with your title and excerpt. When my interest isn't piqued, I don't click through. Easy enough.

Full feeds rule - cancer stinks!

I do partial feeds. I also hate cancer. So that's two things we have in common. :)

I have to say, you're one of many partial feeds in my reader, but I always click to see what you have to say. Even more than I click for Mom 101! :D
I heard a good comment for cancer today, "triumphantly whomping" cancer!

Partial feeds are annoying, but here's the thing. If your writing sucks, having a full feed doesn't mean I'll follow you. And if your writing is awesome, I'll click through every time. You, WouldaShoulda, Mom101. All partials, and all in my folder of "OMGNEWPOSTGOREADIT"

I like the full feed because it's saves me a little bit of time using a reader instead of flipping blog to blog. That said, if I know the writing is good or a title is very eye-catching I'll always click thru.

Thanks for donating to such a great organization.

I clicked over from Liz@ThisFullHouse. Hurray for you for raising funds for cancer patients!

Fantastic! I don't mind clicking through, in case you're keeping count. ;)

If I like a blog, I click. End of story.
Also... fuck cancer.

Heres hoping you get to 500. In regards to full V partial feeds, I could careless. I'm happy to clink through an interesting post.

Who knew blog feeds were such a touchy topic.

At least we all can agree that cancer sucks. Thanks for supporting such a great cause.

Ha! I have no clue what a partial feed is. However, love your blog, and don't mind clicking on things to read about things. Have we really become that lazy? Is it really that hard people?

Happy to add to the comment numbers for the 500 goal :-)

Cha-ching against cancer! Thank you for donating!

I'm new at reading blogs, so I can't have an opinion. But, consider this a comment for cancer. Kudos to you for doing this.

I don't care about feeds - I read anyways. Cancer sucks - my best friend's son was diagnosed with neuroblastoma at 8 months old and he's currently kicking cancer's a** at 18 months. My nana was a breast cancer survivor, my dad is a melanoma survivor, and my MIL is also a melanoma survivor.

I'm a full feed kind of gal, but hey, to each his own, right? But that's beside the point, because I'm just here to raise money for WhyMommy's fabulous efforts!!

Thanks so much for increasing awareness about our nonprofit and our new program for lymphedema garments! Many thanks to Susan Neibur for getting this ball rolling, and many prayers and positive thoughts going her way for her health and healing.

I really don't care about partial vs full feed. If a partial feed looks interesting I'll click the link, if it doesn't I have saved myself a little time. Even with full feed I don't always read the whole thing.

Hope you reach 500!

Love Love Love your blog! Let's make the 500 mark!!!

My thoughts r w/u @whymommy.

I'd be happy to be your hot Asian wife.
Except I'm already someone else's wife.
And I'm not hot.
But I am Asian!

Crickett's Answer for Cancer is a great charity, please support it!!

You are great for donating and yes, cancer sucks!

Long time reader, first time typer


I like clicking over to sites, regardless of their feed size, to be visible traffic, so I don't feel annoyed or political about shortfeeders. I admit, though, that if I'm on my iPad or just stealing a few minutes here or there, I'll skip over the partial feed posts in favor of full feed posts.

um, I don't really care about the feed thing, where does that put me on the spectrum? Probably leaning towards clueless! My mom died from cancer when I was 14, some of my most painful memories are of her pain from chemo- hope you reach $500!

cancer does suck! This is an awesome idea!!! And as far as feeds.... I am easy. Either way. Unless I am feeling lazy, in which case I will never read the full feed if it isnt there.
But for Whymommy...for her, I'd do anything!

Commenting only to raise money for Cancer. Good luck with your target.

Comment, comment, comment, and best wishes to Susan.

love the twist! Cancer sucks. people who bother to complain about clicking through to read a full post have WAAAAAAAYY too much time on their hands... they are the ones who actually have time to click through. I have feeling though that they REALLY like reading ur blog, which is why they bothered to rant about it. Take it as a compliment. Alright that is worth the dollar you're donating!

Commenting to support the cause.

I must totally suck at the blog thing -because I have no idea what you're talking about...

I'm happy to comment though if it will help ease the pain of someone...

I like full feeds but will click over to ones that are worth reading - like yours! Like another commenter, when I click over on my iphone the font is teeny tiny and yet, still I click and read. There must be a way to fix it, but I just don't have the time to figure it out right now.
Cancer sucks.

I am more than happy to leave a comment here. And I'm more than happy to click through from my feed to read you - I enjoy what you write, so an extra click is no big deal. Keep doing what you're doing!

Partial feeds are fine. If I like an author I am happy to ckick through and give you views as well as see the site in all its glory!

All my support. Great cause.

Fuck cancer, don't give a f**k about feeds. If it's someone I like, I'll click twice.

I HATE partial feeds. If I'm reading on the RSS reader on my phone I never ever click through. But 99% of the time I'm reading on my computer and I use the "Next" button so it's a non-issue. Plus I get to see the blog page the author intended me to see - sometimes that's a big deal to the design-y type bloggers I follow.

I would bet someone already said all that, but I'm just here to cost you that $1. You're an awesome person Kristen!

One simple click is no problem if the person is worth reading - and you know what? You are!

You are hysterical. Thank you for your honesty! And here's another $1!

Be true to yourself is what I say. If I want to read it I'll click through. If I don't, I won't. :)


You rock.
People complaining about feeds suck, just like cancer.

Sending thoughts & prayers for Susan and Marty and their families.

My thoughts on cancer are way more important than my thoughts on blog readers. Cancer can bite my ass, AND the collective asses of anyone afflicted with it, AND their loved ones.

I'm hesitant to even go into my thoughts on feed readers, because it's so stupid. People will do what they do, and will always find a reason to justify their actions.

Very generous of you to donate what you earn in honor of another. WhyMommy is lucky to have you.

(Full feed or not, I find myself turning to your blog to chase away the at-work boredom.

Ha Jamie -- You are soooo right. Except I need TWO.

Umm.. I don't even care about feeds. I never use them. DOes that make me lame? Oh well... So full or partial. That's like a really lame thing to argue or even care that much about.

I like full feeds. I still click through for you though.
And, BTW, I hate cancer.

I love Susan, and I love you for doing this. And while I'm a partial-feed hater (I read at work on my phone while pumping; it's too hard to click through on a phone so I don't), I'm more than happy to do it this one time on my laptop to comment. :)

I read on iPhone through your site so full of half don't matter. I do click daily hoping for a new post :)) (and on shredheads too, please)

$1 to the pot :)

Here's a $1.

I'm a person who stopped reading blogs that don't have full feeds. I have a feedreader for a reason. It's got a LOT of feeds in it. I don't have all day to click through to all these blogs, deal with their graphics that are slowing the pageload down, see their blinky/flashy ads. I just want to read the content. If the post is good enough that I want to leave a comment, then I'll click through. But I don't like having that choice taken away from me. Having the content held hostage.

As for the whole "I'll get my content scraped" argument, I just don't buy it. The content is right there on the blog available to anyone to read. I could copy and paste all of it and put it on 10 websites and I could do it all in about 10 minutes. If your content is on the Internet, it can get stolen, regardless of your feed. So I'm not buying it. (You really don't want your content scraped, save it all as a JPG!)

It's your blog to do with whatever you want. Just my two cents. Does anybody really care if I read their blog? No.

I do click through to blog posts on tweets on occasion, but I generally don't read any blog with regularity unless it has a full feed.

Partial vs full feeds: trivial

Cancer? Not so trivial.

Honestly, I have little experience with feeds. I keep meaning to set it up at work, but never get around to it ... work keeps getting in the way! As far as why have people click through, I'm still at the small-blog point where I like to see that people are actually reading what I write! Darned ego.

Thankfully I have little experience with cancer too. And I'd like to keep it that way.

I couldn't care less about feeds. I use Google Reader, but it's not that big a deal to me to click to read the full post.

Not only do those sleeves reduce pain, they actually reduce recovery time.

You sooooo totally want a hot asian wife. You can't fool us.

I don't read partial feed sites. I read on my mobile phone and it requires a new browser window, reloads everything, and pisses me off. Takes way too much time to load.

I don't think I have ever read this site but I always love a good argument on full vs partial and one my my friends just tweeted the URL.

I am ALWAYS for donation to a good charity though! Rock on! And I suppose now I'll browse through a few of your posts to see if you are entertaining. But why don't you post a separate hidden full feed? PLEASE? lol

Great cause! - thus the comment

I am not sure what a feed is since I don't get to read blogs much but I do know that cancers sucks!

I am all about the full feeds because I read in one place in succession... I don't open the posts in new tabs. But you make good points, and just like we go a little out of our way to support a local business over a corporate giant, we should lend a click to our awesome grassroots bloggers. :)


Yeah. So. I don't even know what a feed is...

I'm not sure what the feed thing is but I wanted to help with the fundraiser. Thanks!

I definitely prefer full feeds, mainly because if I'm reading at work, it's not as blatantly obvious that I'm goofing off to anyone who walks past my cubicle and glances at my monitor. The reader page just looks like text, no "Motherhood Uncensored" neon sign logo or BlogHer ads. So, there's that. But I try to reserve my outrage for more justified topics, whenever possible.

Also: My mom is a breast cancer survivor. Because of the type of cancer she had, I'm supposed to start getting MRIs of my breasts every year, starting this year (when I turn 35). Note that the MRIs are not covered by insurance because it's not the standard for breast cancer detection. Nevermind that the type of cancer my mom had, would likely not be detected by a regular mammogram. So yeah, THAT'S the kind of thing that pisses me off. The fact that I'm going to have to figure out how to pony up over $1000 a year, for the rest of my life. Because my health insurance company would apparently rather pay for ridiculously expensive cancer treatment (which might not save me anyway) than a simple preventative test.

Your blog, your rules. As it should be.
And complaining about CLICKING? While seated, perusing the internet? THAT is the ultimate in laziness.
Good for you, K.

If I had a fancy phone and was trying to read my feeder while driving, or waiting in line, or whatever you iPhone people do, I'd probably care about full vs partial feed. But I don't, so I don't. On that note:

Fuck cancer.

If the blog is lame, I won't bother clicking through a partial feed. But if I like the blog, I will. So this must mean I like you! =)

Full Feeds v Partial Feeds debate just means that people love content. Great content. So, if one finds oneself seeking full feed then one is in the wrong place if partial feed is what one gets. Free to click elsehwhere pray leave the woman alone


I really don't care about the whole feed thing...but I do care about cancer...here's another doller!

thanks Kristen!

Cancer sucks.

Also partial feeds are fine in my book as long as I can actually get a sense of what the flipping post is about. I loathe those 10 word teasers. And I loathe cancer.

But you, my friend, are awesome.

I hardly ever use my feed reader. I'm just here to support Susan!

1. I don't get the issue about this full vs. partial feed nonsense. I just use blogger.com to organize my subscriptions and there aren't really "full feeds" on there. Either way that lady sounds like a royal BIATCH! hehe ;)

2. Cancer is butthead :( down with buttheads.

I only get one blog by feed and it doesn't arrive until A DAY AFTER the post is published - so I never bothered with any other feeds.

My Aunt MaryEllen had breast cancer 40 or so years ago and has a lymphedema sleeve which helps her tremendously.

For the longest time I had partial feed because I liked analyzing my stats. Recently I switched for no particular reason. I will say that if the first words of a partial feed aren't interesting, I don't click through. I love your self-challenge of choosing those carefully to generate interest. I can't believe people debate about something so silly.

Thank you for your donation.

I'm too lazy to use a feed reader. Does that make me lazier than the person too lazy to click through the feed reader, or less lazy than them?

I have you saved in my favorites too! Good for you for donating. That's awesome.

Great post, people complain too much these days. Feeds vs. partial vs. whatever floats your boat. You are never going to make everyone happy. Thank you for using the blog for something good!

Don't care whether it is a full or partial feed, but glad you are donating to help fight cancer.

What's a feed?

For that matter, what's a reader!?

Ha! I think I just broke the internet.

Hello? Is this thing on?

Yes, cancer sucks!

I don't use a reader, but if I had cancer I would want to use a sleeve.

Oh I am going to mark this as unread, just to come back and read the comments when I have a moment.

I honestly don't care. Truly. I read many people who have partial feeds. Even some (like Sweetney) who only post titles. If I love the writing I read. The end.

That being said, I love that you are doing this for Susan. I wish I could help, but I am not in the place at the moment.

Hmmm. To partial feed or to full feed. I never gave it that much thought--I guess because I just go blog hopping instead of reading feeds.

Thanks for doing this!! I think you're right. It's no big deal to click a few times to read a post you're interested in. Susan is awesome and cancer SUCKS!! So thanks for supporting her with a few bucks! :)

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