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January 10, 2011


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Some of them have beat it. Some of them haven't. One of them wears a lymphadema sleeve. I think it's wonderful that you're doing this.

I can't believe people are giving you crap about partial feeds.

Love your stuff, I don't comment much but read often.

I find it amusing that these people are giving you ultimatums. It almost sounds like a three year old trying to bully you into getting what they want. "If you don't give me my dessert I won't love you anymore!" or "You're not my friend anymore!" Who needs 'em! Keep up the good work, I don't get over to read it everyday but when I do come back to your blog I always am sure to read the posts I missed.

Kristen, is this where I have to comment? And am I in time?

I fully support a writer's right to publish a partial feed. If you are too busy to click through and read a post on a blogger's actual site, perhaps you should re-think having so many blogs in your reader and focus in on the ones that are really worth it. Quality over quantity, I always say.

Oh yeah, and also, WhyMommy rocks and is pretty much my personal hero :)

Just wanted to say that i love your blog even if i do have to click over to read it. If you like someone's writing i dont see how it is possibly that big of an inconvience. I mean seriously it takes 3 seconds and obviously if you are reading blogs you werent that busy to begin with and you should be able to spare the 3 second it takes for the new page to load.

Full-feed whiny babies. If you can't be bothered to click, GTFO.

Cancer-GTFO. I hate you. You stole my mother after she beat you TWICE; and because of you I cry thinking about my upcoming mammogram-because I am afraid of leaving my children and making them miss me the way I miss my mother.

So, cancer, f*** off and leave us alone. We don't like you, we don't want you around.

Ok I'm late to this party, but While I find partial feeds inconvenient, as a writer, I totally support their use. For me, it comes down to the blog, if it is good enough (yours is), I'll click through. If they ain't worth clicking through for, I delete them from my reader.


My mother survived cancer and it's always there in the back of my mind (and obviously hers). Will it come back and ravage her body again or are we safe for a little while longer?


The only reason I prefer full feeds is for when reading on my iPhone, which I sync in the morning so all my blogs are there ready to read. If I get to a partial feed and I'm somewhere without signal I can't click through to read the full post. Of course, it's not that bad because if I want to read it based on the partial I just mark it unread for later.

I'm here to help BEAT CANCER!!!!

(And blog scrapers are sonsabeyotches!)

Super cause! I'm happy to comment and help support :)

Cancer sucks, good friends rock.

Feeds? Meh. But I do love when people complain about services they get for free.

...unless it is facebook pulling down breastfeeding support pages, in which case, complain away.

I have two blogs- one with partial feed and one with a full feed. I don't know how it happened that way but it did. And really, I don't care. If your writing is compelling enough I will click through to the site. (Um, and Heather Armstrong isn't even in my feeds. But you are.)

I didn't even know there was a partial feed. I like your blog and your ads. CLICK

What Angela at mommy bytes said

I hate partial feeds, but I love you. You are one of the precious few partial feeders that I tolerate ;).

But I especially hate cancer, so let's kick it!

Screw cancer. Go Team WhyMommy!

Personally I think it's insulting as hell when people say they won't read a post with a partial feed. It is one click for crying out loud. Are people really that lazy? Also it is hard enough to monetize a blog, but you usually need people actually on your site to do that. People want to read free content but one click is too.much effort for it? Plus the scrapers only get a blurb and link instead of entie posts.

And love the good cause aspect of this post!!

Cancer sucks. Great post. Partial or full - writer's preference. End of story.

I don't care either way about feeds, but I loathe cancer. Thx for doing this, K.

I personally love full post feeds. But I totally understand why you don't do it. Maybe I should do it myself, but I don't want to deal with nasty people. LOL.

I lost my mother to cancer. Cancer sucks.


(I love Susan)


U rock partially...:)
Cancer blows fully!

You did it! Yahoo!

I have no clue what a feed is. I just read select blogs & follow some on Twitter. Cancer sucks!

I had NO IDEA partial feeds were so divisive. I find them mildly irritating (esp. when I follow one person who has two blogs, one of which is full feed and one partial), but it never occurred to me to be OUTRAGED about it.

Also, fuck cancer.

Commenting for a cause!

The partial feeds kinda annoy me, but really, I have much bigger things to be annoyed about. :)

You go Kristen. I will read your blog ...full or partial! I consider that extra click "exercise".

Poeple get pissed off about anything and everything. They either get over it, or they don't. It's not your problem!

posting for cancer....cancer sucks

Cancer has no place in this world! Let's kick it's ass!

Fuck Cancer.

Nearly there! :)

This kind of thing is why I love the blogosphere.

And for the record, partial feeds are slightly annoying but only when I haven't been keeping up and there are 13 feeds from one source. Besides, if you never go to the actual blog you miss out on the overall feel of it.

Keep on truckin' with the partial feeds.

Yeah! Full feed all the way!

Actually, I don't really care. I just want you to reach 500. :)

People get pissed off about partial feeds....for real?

Anywhoo, I'm a terrible lurker but came out of the woodwork for this wonderful cause. Cancer sucks big time, and what you are doing for WhyMommy is truly awesome.

If I was in the position to do so I would match your offer dollar by dollar. xo

Cancer sucks. That is all.

Cancer bites. Not a huge fan of the partial feed, but a HUGE anti-stealing others work fan.

Don't understand feeders and readers and all that but cancer sucks a fat one.

Here's a comment!
I have no idea what a partial or full feed is.... But I like you :)

In all honesty, this is the first time I've read your blog (courtesy of NYCityMama's tweet) but I'm here to read and comment. My mother has cancer. If commenting will provide help to someone else's life that has been affected by this sonofabitch disease, then comment I will. Thank you for doing this. You've gained yourself another subscriber and I'll be pleased to give you the clicks you deserve.

My only issue with partial feeds comes into play when I use a reader on my iPhone. Then it's a pain to click through because not all blogs are mobile-friendly.

And screw cancer. It sucks whether this feed comment gets read or not!

Chuck Norris isn't worried about partial feeds. He just reads the rest of posts via ESP. The rest of us don't give a damn and click because your blog is awesome.

I like partial feeds because it makes me weirdly happy to have lots of tabs open. Also, I like comparing blog designs and whatnot. Also, cancer sucks.

Cancer sucks!


Cancer can pretty much go fuck itself.

I hate partial feeds too, but not as much as I hate cancer.

Partial feeds FTW! I do it too.

And cancer can kiss my ass

I have a feed reader, but more often than not I like to go to the source. That is what I want people to do for me, so I don't even think that full vs partial feeds has even crossed my mind!

But whatever, Cancer sucks, you are awesome and why are these sleeves not covered??

I only subscribe to three blogs with partial feeds (this being one) because I am laaaaaazy. But I really hate cancer. A lot.

Awesome that you're doing this!


I have no clue what full or partial feeds are..or what the big deal is, but I will comment to raise money.

to full feed or not to full feed, that is the question (huh?! I don't car either way - commenting to help further the cause :) )

A friend recently realized I don't use a Feeder and was shocked! What can I say? I like clicking on blogs to read them! Thanks for donating!

Netvibes... no problem with partial feeds.
Thanks for doing this!

I am really glad this comment can help!

Another day, another comment. GO TEAM WHYMOMMY!


Thanks, Kristen!

Awesome cause you're rallying for.

I've lost many dear people in my life to cancer. My father, my ex mother in law (who was like my second mom) and almost lost my grandson when he was diagnosed with a malignant brain tumor at the age of 11 months. His MRI scans are clear now..he turned 2 in November. Cancer sucks big time

I don't use a reader so this means nothing to me. Oh except it means a lot to me to leave a comment for your cause. Good for you - what an wonderful thing you are doing!!! :D

My Mom is battling cancer right now and the meds can mean everything. What a great thing for you to do!

oh man. screw you cancer.

I can only read blogs at work on my feeder so that just means I have to wait till I get home to see what you've got up your sleeve.

I hope cancer sucks a big fat cock.

I tried commenting this morning but got booted out. Back again to make sure you get to 500. I'm a full feed girl, not that anyone cares. Go WhyMommy!

I don't even know what the fuck a feed reader is, but my dad kicked cancer's ass, so CLICK.

I find the partial feed frustrating when I really don't want to read in a new page, but not enough to miss out on my favorite blogs. It isn't that serious. My mother has battled breast cancer for years and it's wretched, for all of us. Screw cancer.

A year ago a dear friend lost her battle with breast cancer. I remember how her lymphedema sleeves helped her during the times she was challenged with that particular symptom. A great cause. Sending lots of love and light for your friend's recovery.

Well, you know how *I* feel. About feeds, that is. You can imagine how I feel about cancer.

My husband's grandmother was just diagnosed with ovarian cancer. My FIL is devastated by the news, making it all the more awful to watch. Cancer sucks.

I hope I am not too late to comment! Kristin, I adore your blog. And I am so old school, I don't even use a feed reader, I go straight to the source!

Posting to help WHYMOMMY.

I'm just glad I can comment again today! Go! Go!

I've just changed to google reader but dont mind havign to click through to read full posts - I have to wear a lymphodema sleeve and want to help give to those who cant afford their own in the US

WhyMommy sent me here from Twitter.
I don't have any preference between full feed and partial. Just keep writing! :)
This is a wonderful thing you're doing. Glad to be a part.

Cancer sucks that blue whale's father!

What a wonderful way to raise money for people who have cancer and need help with what insurance doesn't cover. You rock, Kristen!

Comment Comment Comment $$$!!!

I have a full feed, but after today's picture debacle you and I just experienced, I have to wonder if going to partial feed would be better. I've been scraped many times before, too. Crap.

By the way? This? This is awesome. Cancer sucks a big fat one, but you? You are amazing to help her cause like this.

Cancer killed my mom and my dog, so it can fuck off and die.

When my mom was dying from multiple forms of cancer in the hospital (after having been in remission for 10 years), she told me, "If you ever get cancer, don't go through the treatment. It's not worth it. It hurts so bad. Just go die. I wish I could just die."

That's when I realized that she probably wouldn't come out of the hospital. I wasn't with her when she died, but I saw her hours earlier and she was delirious and on the "cancer cocktail."

Anything that can make that process less painful is wonderful.

Also, I just have the post titles in my RSS and I like it. Those whiners can deal with having to click a link. I remember when accessing the internet required having your computer take up your phone line and dial multiple numbers (some long distance!) just so you could chat with middle-aged-men pretending to be teenaged girls. Amateurs.

literally sent a card today to a friend that says, "chemo sucks!" so yay for this post!

Yeah for kicking Cancer's butt. If anyone can it's WhyMommy!

screw cancer. go, whymommy.

Are we there yet?

Just in case you're not quite at 500!

well done.

fuck cancer.


Another comment for dear WhyMommy. Well, really, for lymphedema sleeves...but in honor of WhyMommy!!

How many are you up to?? Full feed or partial doesn't matter to me, I get all my links from twitter... :)

Let us know how many more you need! (Sorry, WAY too lazy to count...)

OMG, Cancer still blows. I freaking hate it.

No opinion on the partial vs. full debate. Just want to support a great cause!

Ok, I'm commenting again! My you look pretty today! :-)

Too bad you can't choke cancer with one of those sleeves.


I don't care about feeds because I don't use a feedreader. But I do care about cancer. Several lovely women in my life have struggled with cancer. Some of them have beat it. Some of them haven't. One of them wears a lymphadema sleeve. I think it's wonderful that you're doing this.

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